Child Control 2013 Full

Child Control 2013 Full is a simple but powerful tool with a simple interface that lets you block other users' (particularly children) access to the computer and Internet.

After the installation process is completed, you can set a password and make the tool keep you informed with updates via email.

You can run a wizard to configure program settings. For example, you can define the time of computer and Internet availability. When the time expires, the computer will shut down (but this option can be changed).

Plus, you can specify the time when the computer and Internet will be inaccessible by a particular user.

Furthermore, you can enable an Internet Filter (it allows you to create a list of allowed websites) and adjust the security level (from low to very high).

When exploring the interface's features, you can reconfigure time limits for the computer and Internet (optionally enable force break), as well as create a whitelist and blacklist regarding permitted websites and applications.

In addition, you can disable sensitive tools found in Windows, such as Command Prompt, Registry Editor, Control Panel, time and date settings, Task Manager, Run, and others.

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Installer | 22 MB
Keygen | 1 MB

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