Download Windows 7 Ultimate (x86) Speed Max Edition (Update 2013)

Windows 7 Ultimate

Windows 7 Ultimate Speed Max Edition

The Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate is the most versatile and powerful edition of Windows 7. Combining entertainment features of Home Premium and the business capabilities of Professional, including the ability to run many Windows XP productivity programs in Windows XP Mode, it takes care of all your computing needs.

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Windows 7 Ultimate Speed Max Edition - Adalah Operating System Windows 7 Ultimate editan yang sangat bagus. Jika biasanya OS editan jauh lebih berat dan rakus dalam pemakaian memory, hal ini akan terasa berbeda jika kita menggunakan Operating System Windows 7 Ultimate Speed Max Edition 32 Bit by waqarr. Untuk mendapatkan performa yang maksimal, tentu ada beberapa bagian yang di remove juga di tambahkan, dan itu semua dapat teman-teman lihat pada Info Features di bawah. Oh ya satu lagi, OS editan waqarr ini merupakan versi preactivated dan sudah tidak memerlukan aktivator. Bagi sahabat angshare yang ingin mencobanya silahkan download disini..


Info Features
  • Created by / waqarr
  • FULL ACTIVATED VERSION (say no to loader or activator)
  • god mod / enable
  • Grant Admin Full Control
  • Tweaked for max speed
  • [Services]= Tweaked for max speed
  • RTseven=thanks
  • [Internet Explorer]
  • Fast browsing enabled
  • Create Any User Account as ADMIN or STANDERED user
  • all others theme=removed
  • AERO THEME=not removed
  • Install any 3rd party theme or microsoft theme online
Control Panel Add
  • Registry=Add
  • My Computer=Add
  • User Directory=Add
  • Libraries=Add
  • Windows switcher=Add
  • Network=Add
  • Internet Explorer=Add
  • Group Policy=Add
  • Recycle Bin=Add 
  • Show Desktop Icons=Enable
  • Show Hidden Wallpapers and Themes=Enable
  • Paint Desktop Version=Enable 
Desktop Taskbar
  • Show start menu Administrative tools=Enable
  • Lock the taskbar=Unlock
  • Taskbar buttons=Combine when task bar is full
  • Use small icons=Enable
  • Show run on start menu=Enable
  • Start menu power button action=Shut down
  • Display recently opened items in the start menu and taskbar=Disable 
Explorer Context
  • Copy To=Enable
  • Move To=Enable
  • Grant Admin Permission=Enable
  • Open With Notepad=Enable
  • Open In New Window=Enable
  • Register and Unregister dll=Enable
  • Add Device Manager=Enable
  • Add Group Policy=Enable
  • Add Services=Enable
  • God Mode=Enable
  • Registry Editor=Enable
  • Administrative Tools=Enable
  • Apperance=Enable
  • Change Cursor=Enable
  • Change Date and Time=Enable
  • Change Regional Settings=Enable
  • Change Sounds=Enable
  • Change Screen Resolution=Enable
  • Change Wallpaper=Enable
  • Desktop Icon Settings=Enable
  • DPI Scaling=Enable
  • Folder Options=Enable
  • Fonts=Enable
  • God Mode=Enable
  • NetWork Connections=Enable
  • Program and Features=Enable
  • Registry Editors=Enable
  • System Properties=Enable
  • Task Manager=Enable
  • Task Scheduler=Enable
  • User Accounts=Enable
Explorer Views
  • Show Hidden Files and Folders=Enable
  • Hide File Extensions=Disable
  • hide Drives with No Media=Disable
  • Show Super Hidden Operating System Files=Enable
  • Anti spyware=Disable
  • UAC=Disable
  • Windows Firewall=Default
  • PowerDown After Shutdown=Enable
  • Set Mouse Pointer Speed Maximum=Enable
  • Low disk space warning=Disable
  • System Prefetcher=Disable
  • Number of recent items to display in jump list=2
  • Beep Sound=Disable
  • Command Window Background Colour=White
  • Full Information During Shutting Down=Enable
Visual Effects
  • Thick Window frame=Enable 

*This Windows 7 ultimate x86 Max Speed is fully Activated


1. Unrar
2. Burn ISO to dvd/flash drive with low speed say 4x
3. Install window as usaual

1. Uncheck when ask for automatically activate when im online.
2. NO LOADER & ACTIVATOR NEEDED. Just Burn,install & enjoy
3. Update Everything you want from Microsoft.

1. Putlocker, Fileuplo.de, BillionUploads Interchangeable links
2. Add 10% Recovery record
3. Total parts: 6 / 300 MB
4. Total files : 1.73 GB / 1.75 GB + 10% Recovery

Update Link download
Download Now | Download Here | Serial Key | Serial Number
Windows 7 Ultimate (x86) Speed Max Edition - (1.75GB) Full Version
Password (if need) : angshare

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