Download Basketball Pro Management 2012 PC Games

Download Basketball Pro Management 2012 PC Games

Basketball Pro Management 2012 is a PC game of sports management. The player can take control of their favorite team from 18 different leagues and bring the summits. Budget management, transfers and coaching then bear. It is also possible to create your own strategies to gain ascendancy over the opponent’s game.

BPM 2012 is the perfect mix between management and sport simulation: Play as the basketball coach of your favorite team and take it to the heights!
This results in the management of a multitude of parameters each day: Composition of rosters, transfers, training, finance, management staff, tactics or even search for new talent. You will also manage the goals of your team, but be careful not to aim too high, otherwise your superiors could lose patience!
In addition, each of your choices will directly influence the course of each game with a new game system in the world of sports simulation.

Management and technical aspects of Basketball Pro Management 2012 offer a unique experience in a management game that will appeal to the finest tacticians as beginners.
BPM 2012 has a very thorough edition of tactics, but the simple basketball fans are not provided disabled! Many tactics are already included in the game.
The game also includes a database editor that allows you at any moment to change the rating of the players or even add players.

Release name: Basketball.Pro.Management.2012-0×0815
Size: 200 MB
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