Download Software Portable Full Speed Internet Booster v5.1

Get faster Internet speed and boost your broadband, for Free. Get amazing results instantly and see the results instantly by doing the simple 'Before and After' Web speed test.

Speed Tests
Data tests show your real data and Broadband connection performance.
One Click

One click is all it takes to get faster Broadband. No questions, no tech' speak.
'Full Speed' tweaks around 50 Windows system settings to squeeze the best out of all parameters used in the control of data flow and data efficiency within your pc to the best possible settings.

'Full Speed' will even configure all the 'lesser' known settings which are only known and understood by Internet and pc professionals holding qualifications such as MSCE and Cisco CCNP and who have spent many years out in the field supporting, configuring, customizing and overclocking computers.

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Hai Sahabat ANGSHARE...."Pada postingan kali ini saya akan share software untuk mempercepat atau mengoptimalkan kinerja saat anda sedang berselancar di internet yaitu Full Speed Internet Booster v5.1.
Full Speed Internet Booster adalah sebuah aplikasi ringan yang berfungsi untuk pengoptimalisasi kecepatan akses internet. Dengan secara otomatis akan mengkonfigurasi system operasi windows dan browser anda dalam setingan yang maksimal. Cara kerja aplikasi ini berdasarkan keterangan website resminya, software ini sedikit memodif system file dan registri windows untuk mendapatkan performa kecepatan optimal.


  • Overall faster Internet connection speed
  • Faster web site browsing
  • Faster download speeds
  • Improve Internet and Intranet performance
  • Smoother, more responsive online Gaming
  • Smoother streaming of music and movies
  • Faster download for songs and video
  • Faster performance even with email
  • Faster loading Web graphics and images
  • Faster loading Web pages
  • Faster Internet Browser performance
  • Speed test for Web site browsing
  • Speed test for general data transfer
  • Works for businesses or home users
  • Improved VPN and WAN performance
  • Increased peak download speed
  • More consistent data transfer
  • Better data flow efficiency
  • Less corrupt downloads
  • Works with networks and Intranets
  • Works with all ADSL/DSL modems and routers
  • Works over wireless
  • Smoother surfing
  • More responsive Internet experience
  • Free to use forever

Download Software Portable Full Speed Internet Booster v5.1
Download Now

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