Download Paranormal Zone Shooter For PC Games

Download Paranormal Zone Shooter For PC Games

Paranormal zone is a sci-fi shooter/scroller. On December 21, 2012 an unknown object crashed to Earth from space. All organic beings within a radius of 20 kilometers from the crash site had disappeared without a trace, and the affected area was a large anomalous zone. Playing as a soldier, left alone in the center of paranormal zone, you will discover all its secrets, making your way through hordes of bloodthirsty monsters.

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Merupakan game monster yang haus darah. Disini anda bermain sebagai seorang prajurit yang ditinggalkan sendirian ditengah Zona paranormal dan anda akan menemukan jalan dimana banyak grombolan monster yang haus darah yang harus anda melumpuhkan dengan senjata yang dimiliki.
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System requirement: Windows XP/Vista/7


  • Extract with 7zip or winrar
  • Run ParanormalZone.exe
  • Enjoy
Size: 22.1 MB

Download Now  Paranormal Zone PC Game Free

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