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Canvas 14

Canvas 14 from ACD Systems is an enterprise-class technical illustration program. With it, you can create, refine, and publish sophisticated illustrations, animations, and documents.

It combines the drawing and illustrating features of a premium graphics app, the 3D modeling and drafting capabilities of CAD, and the collaborative capabilities of a productivity suite in one surprisingly intuitive package. A quick-start guide, copious documentation, and a helpful sidebar called the Canvas Assistant made getting to know this capable but complex software easier than we expected.

To try Canvas 14 for free, you must select that option during installation and complete the process via e-mail notification, but it's quick and painless. The program's user interface is efficient and attractive, with a crisp and businesslike layout blending the look of an image editor, office application, and Web browser; it's easily customized, too. Canvas 14 opens with an optional Startup Dialog that let us quickly create a new Illustration, GIS Document, Publication, Animation, Presentation, or user-defined Custom Document. This dialog also offers a series of quick-start guides that open a detailed browser-based users' manual.

We started small by creating a new illustration. Our blank document opened in the main window in a split view with the Canvas Assistant, which provides context-specific information and help at each step. Canvas 14's floating tool palette and layers will be familiar to Photoshop users, as will the tool and brushes themselves and many other features. Canvas is the equal of top-class illustration and design tools, though, and it takes a bit of time to learn its many unique features, such as the SpriteEffects filter tool, or its productivity and collaboration features such as flowcharts and publishing. There's even a spell-checker.

Canvas 14 now includes advanced GIS features like positioning and tagging, plus the ability to import and export GIS information and to visualize GIS data. Canvas 14 shows again why premium tools are worth their price in the face of stiff competition from freeware, especially in a business setting, where efficiency, power, and support are reflected in documents and the bottom line.

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ACDSee System Canvas 14 with GIS adalah software desain grafis teknis dan umum, imaging, dan penerbitan (cetak dan web) yang di produksi oleh ACD Systems. ACD System Canvas 14 with GIS merupakan paket khusus dari software desain ACDSee yang di bandrol dengan harga $799.99 USD. Di dalam software ini tersedia semua keperluan sobat ANGSHARE mengedit grafik vektor dan juga raster. Dengan menggunakan Canvas 14 Sobat Haidar AliShare dapat menambahkan efek ke ilustrasi, teks dan berbagai grafik, menggunakan tools built-in gambar dan fasilitas editing, menyesuaikan kecerahan, kontras dan saturasi, mengubah transparansi setiap objek, dan masih banyak lagi. Software ini sangat cocok digunakan untuk pembuatan ilustrasi, pengeditan tata letak halaman, animasi, presentasi, dan publikasi dalam format cetak dan Web.



Handle it all – including GIS file formats
Canvas 12 with GIS+ can handle all your data import needs. In addition to the 100+ file formats, including DXF, DWG, CGM, Adobe®1 PDF, and RAW that comes standard in Canvas 12, the GIS+ module supports 18 GIS specialized file types, such as SHAPE, MapInfo and ARC/INFO. Augment, apply effects, and export to another format. You can even export to multiple formats simultaneously.

Work flexibly with vector objects
Illustrate, edit and augment all forms of complex visual objects with Canvas 12's wide variety of professional tools and powerful Sprite technology. New features allow you to rejoin segment objects into one and fill the intersections of overlapping objects with a single click, while its proprietary SpriteLayers and SpriteEffects can be used to apply image and transparency effects without affecting the original object.

Access raster image editing tools

Why work within limits? Canvas 12 comes complete with a full suite of raster image editing features. Create, edit and augment raster images with a host of industry standard and specialized techniques, tools and filters. Design image compositions, retouch photos, paint and color-correct scanned images, create transparency effects and vignettes, age photos, clone pixels and much more. Work with both raster images and vector images at the same time, with access to the same tools, to enhance objects and images in countless ways, all in a georeferenced environment.

Draw and dimension with precision
Create visuals from both raw and technical data. Choose from a variety of methods to input your exact coordinates, and Canvas 12, with its ability to represent any object property to within .035 microns, accurately turns your data into strong, real-time visual content that you can then enhance, review and publish. Resize and scale objects, add fill and stroke inks, widths and other attributes, and draw shapes – all with measured precision and placement.

Add on-the-fly illustration objects
Instantly add re-usable dynamic objects to your georeferenced work. Access hundreds of commonly used and specialized technical symbols from Canvas 12's pre-loaded Symbol Library collection, or create your own custom symbols using any vector, text or composite object. You can also create custom symbol links and pen strokes, and manage them all with flexibility. Move, add keywords, and re-categorize symbols to match your unique workflow needs.

Make the most of your GIS data
Apply a host of image filters, transparency effects, annotation tools, image warping techniques, in addition to visual analysis and symbology tools, to create an easy-to-understand representation of your georeferenced work.

Integrate into seismic and petrochemical workflows
Canvas 12 with GIS+ fully supports CGM*PIP files, helping increase productivity and streamline seismic-related workflows. Its CGM*PIP Import filter has received acclaim for its ability to successfully work with files from UNIX-based seismic interpretation applications. You can also import raw seismic visual data, augment, annotate, color and edit it numerically, and then combine the results with professionally formatted text in a multi-page document ready for sharing – all in a single environment. Throughout the process, illustrations and documentation retain the high level of accuracy demanded by professionals within the seismic and petrochemical industries.

Say goodbye to distractions
Since the GIS+ module is integrated within Canvas 12, you benefit from all of its intuitive interface and customizable tool and menu options designed to make it easy to find what you need. Enjoy one stop access to inks and styles, organize your workspace to maximize productivity, and work faster with shortcuts, smart toolboxes, and interface enhancements.

Publish your GIS data professionally
Create great-looking publications and presentations of your GIS data, in collaboration with colleagues. Canvas 12 has everything needed to design professional documents and presentations, including the Symbol Library and pre-installed Canvas symbol sets, top quality raster image rendering, robust page and text formatting, flowchart integration, and a host of pre-press tools. Apply password and encryption protection, and share your enhanced GIS data in a variety of print and Web-ready presentation formats, including HTML and Adobe® PDF complete with interactive hyperlinks.

System Requirements
  • Intel® Pentium® 4 or better
  • 512 MB RAM installed (1 GB RAM recommended)
  • 700 MB free hard disk space (1.5 GB recommended)
  • 16-bit color or higher (True color recommended)
  • 1024x768 or higher screen resolution recommended
  • DVD drive – to install from the installer disk
  • Microsoft® Windows® XP Home or Professional operating system (with Service Pack 2 installed), Windows Vista® or Windows® 7
  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 6.0 (7.0 or higher recommended) - to view the Help

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