Secret Layer Light with License Key

Secret Layer

Did you know about this article: SecretLayer - Keep your private data safe in a image ? SecretLayer is a software that can hiding sensitive or secret information in a image. Any time you transfer an encrypted file to someone by email, Skype, or another method, anyone on your network can see that you're transferring something encrypted. But when you hide your data in a image, to everyone else it looks like you're uploading another photo to the web, just like billions of other people. In other words, your photo can slip away in the crowd, no different from everyone else.

Now, Today only, you can get Secret Layer Light with License Key for FREE from GOTD. Secret Layer Light is Limited version for home use. Light version is enough to organize hidden communication using text messages and small file. It just supported .png, .gif, .bmp image formats, it can not hide data in multiple images and no data encoring.

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