Operation System Windows 8 Final Pro (32 Bit - 64 Bit ).ISO And Serial Key

Download Operation System Windows 8 Final Pro (32 Bit - 64 Bit ).ISO And Serial  Key

Windows 8 Final Pro
Windows 8  Pro is comparable to Windows 7 Ultimate along with Pro . Windows Server site, Encrypting Data file Program, Hyper-V, along with Exclusive Hard disk Booting, Group Insurance plan and also BitLocker along with BitLocker To search. House windows Advertising Centre operation are going to be available only for Windows 8 Pro as a independent software program.

Windows 8 Professional Edition takes just a few more resources than your current Windows Vista default theme, so your computer will not even feel the difference. You can also uninstall it wherever you need to and go back to your previous images. Anyways, once you try it you surely will not want to change it.

Tutorial : Cara Menjadikan Windows 8 Pro Final  Genuine ( Full Version )
  1. Klik kanan di START, pilih Command Prompt (ADMIN).
  2. Ketik slmgr.vbs -ipk NG4HW-VH26C-733KW-K6F98-J8CK4, lalu enter.
  3. Ketik lagi slmgr.vbs -skms kms.dant.net.ru, enter.
  4. ketik lagi slmgr.vbs -ato
  5. Enter. Lalu restart PC anda.
  6. Selamat, Windows 8 Pro Anda sudah Genuine atau Full Version
[The key only helps to install, not to activate.]


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Untuk membuat Windows 8 anda menjadi Genune anda bisa download  disini.

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Juni Yadi said...

mantap gan..

Ryan Dingle said...

but how about the WMC(windows media center) key to add more features to windows 8?

Rizky Alfi said...

katanya final, tapi di cek kog masih RTM??

Dark ⎝⏠⏝⏠⎠ Dimension said...

Download Windows 8 Pro Final 32 Bit ( File Torrent 12 Kb )

kok pas di download jadi x86 ???

Siip said...

iya soalnya
kalo 32bit tuh sma dengan x86
kalo 64bit sma dengan x64

Barid A. Pratangga said...

activator nya gak working gan! pas saya tekan "Y" cmd nya malah tutup sendiri gan! please help!

Putra Scout said...

Thanks gan, activatornya bekerja dengan baik.
Tested by me : Win 8 Pro x64

Warnet di Kaligung Pertama said...

Mantep infonya gans dan jangan LUPA mampir di blog aku gans,,klik namaku oke menuju blogku.

اغرب في العالم said...

thank youuuu
amizing uhooooooooo

Anonymous said...

thank gan

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