Download Themes windows 7 : Tron Legacy For Windows 7

Download Themes windows 7 : Tron Legacy For Windows 7
Tron Legacy is a sequel to the 1982 film – Tron. The storyline of Tron is set in a virtual world in a computer called as The Grid. The creator of this virtual world, Kevin Flynn, disappears from the real world and is transported to The Grid. Twenty years later, his son Sam accidentally transports himself to the Grid, and that’s when the trouble begins.

Tron Legacy doesn’t really have a compelling storyline but what makes Tron unique are the absolutely gorgeous graphics. Tron is a marvel of sound production design and a monumental achievement in visual effects.

The movie is a treat to the eyes and sets a new level in the standards of visual effects in movies. Such a gorgeous movie is sure to make a gorgeous theme and would certainly appeal to technology loving crowd.

If you notice we released this theme quite late as compared to others, but we can easily say that this theme has the most extensive collection of Tron Legacy wallpapers anywhere.

The Tron Legacy Theme consists of 35+ Hi-Res wallpapers, custom Icons and Sounds for a complete experience of the Grid. Bring the virtual world of Tron to your desktop.

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Kembali lagi ANGSHARE berbagi theme untuk semua sahabat. Theme kali ini adalah theme koleksi ANGSHARE yang bisa dibilang super keren .
Theme windows 7 yang super keren ini namanya adalah theme tron legacy. Theme tron legacy ini nanti setelah di install dan membuka personalizenya terbagi menjadi 4 theme yang bisa digunakan yang mana saja sesuai selera. Di dalam file theme yang saya bagikan ini juga sudah saya sertakan dengan screensavers , Icon pack dan black glassnya yang berfungsi untuk membuat windows menjadi transparant.

Screenshots For Windows 7 Tron Legacy Theme:
Tron Wallpaper 01 - VikiTech
Tron Wallpaper 04 - VikiTech
Tron Wallpaper 06 - VikiTech
Tron Wallpaper 13 - VikiTech
Tron Wallpaper 14 - VikiTech
Tron Wallpaper 03 - VikiTech
Tron Wallpaper 15 - VikiTech
Tron Wallpaper 17 - VikiTech
Tron Wallpaper 18 - VikiTech
Tron Wallpaper 19 - VikiTech
Tron Wallpaper 23 - VikiTech
Tron Wallpaper 25 - VikiTech
These are just a few of the 35+ Hi-Res wallpapers that come with this theme. Download the theme to get them all.

Custom Icons, Cursors & Sounds For The Tron Legacy Theme:

No theme is complete without its own icons and sounds. Although we include cursors only in Exclusive themes – in case of this theme, we just couldn’t resist and included cursors as a part of this theme as well.

Icon Set:

Tron Icons 02 - VikiTech

Cursor Set:

Tron Cursors - VikiTech
Along with these sets, we have included some cool music from the movie. I am sure the Tron fans would enjoy this theme immensely.

Cara install :
  1. Install terlebih dahulu universal theme patcher jika di PC sobat belum terinstall universal theme patcher kemudian restart. jika sahabat HS belum punya universal theme patcher, silahkan download di sini.
  2. Setelah install universal, extrak file yang di download dan jalankan Tron Legacy.exe untuk menginstall themenya ( klik kanan di desktop, pilih personalize, dan pilih salah satu dari 4 theme hasil install thee Tron legacy ).
  3. Untuk cara penggunaan black glass enhanced untuk membuat windows trasparant, didalamnya sudah saya sertakan cara menggunakannya.
Bagi yang ingin mendownload, silahkan download pada link dibawah ini.
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Password: haramain software

Download Theme Tron Legacy Via vikitech.com  (20.20 Mb)

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