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Download Connectify Pro 3.7 Full Keygen + Serial - is a software that serves to make your laptop can act as a wi-fi router. So you can share your internet connection with other devices that have been completed feature wi-fi. Certainly interesting if you can not share the internet connection to the people closest to you. In this latest version there is no noticeable difference in appearance, but there is a renewal of the wireless driver. In this latest version of Connectify Pro you can share your connection management, including installing security password for the connection and avoid theft.

What's new:
  • Easy to organize a complete access point Wi-Fi.
  • Started Wizard program.
  • To ensure the security of the encryption WPA2-PSK or WEP.
  • Convenient control from the system tray.
  • Higher performance - up to 30% higher throughput when using high-speed Internet connection.
  • Improved identification of Xbox 360 and some devices from Motorola.
  • Completely new implementation of UPnP - improved performance, no more false alarms.
  • An all-new user interface with tabs.
  • Intelligent warnings when connecting a hotspot without having to connect to the Internet.
  • UI resizable - grab the top or bottom of the window and change the size of the user interface to the preferred height.
  • New, cleaner status area across the top of the interface.
  • Easy access to the menu by pressing the Connectify logo near the Start / Stop buttons.
  • Service launch at startup.
  • Multi-monitor support, in cases when the taskbar is not on the primary monitor. A new algorithm for choosing IP-address hotspot improves compatibility with devices IOS.

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Connectify - adalah sebuah software yang berfungsi untuk menjadikan laptop anda dapat berfungsi sebagai router wi-fi. Sehingga anda dapat berbagi koneksi internet dengan perangkat lain yang telah di lengkapi fitur wi-fi. Tentu menarik bukan jika anda bisa berbagi koneksi internet kepada orang-orang terdekat anda. Pada versi terbaru ini tidak ada perbedaan tampilan yang mencolok, tetapi terdapat pembaharuan dengan driver wireless. Pada Connectify Pro versi terbaru ini anda dapat menejemen koneksi yang anda share, termasuk memasang password untuk keamanan dan menghindari pencurian koneksi.

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