CrossOver, with 12 months support

Whether you're running on Mac OS X or Linux, chances are you need a way to run at least some Windows applications or games. You have several potential solutions to this problem. This page illustrates some of CrossOver's key advantages over other compatibility solutions.

CrossOver allows you to install many popular Windows applications and PC games on your Mac. It's easy, affordable, and best of all, there's no Windows license required. Your Windows applications and games integrate seamlessly on your computer; just click and run.

CrossOver is capable of running a wide range of Windows software and games.

In a nutshell, you have three main choices:
  • Dual-booting: running two separate operating systems on one machine, and switching between them as needed by rebooting. Apple's Boot Camp is an example of this.
  • Running a virtual machine (VM): Products such as VMware and Parallels allow you to run a full version of the Windows OS inside a virtual machine running on your native operating system. The Windows applications essentially run in a separate "box within a box."
  • Running Wine or CrossOver: Unlike other emulators, Wine is a re-implementation of the Win32 API, allowing applications to run natively on the target OS. CrossOver is a commercialized version of Wine.
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