Quickoffice Pro For Android

Quickoffice Pro
Quickoffice Pro For Android

Quickoffice Pro is a mobile office suite that allows you to create and edit Microsoft Office files on your phone.

What's inside?

There are four main different elements to Quickoffice Pro: a word processing utility, called Quickword; a spreadsheet application called Quicksheet; a tool for creating presentations, known as Quickpoint; and a PDF editor called QuickPDF. These allow you to import documents created in Microsoft Office (in Word, Excel or Powerpoint format), or Adobe Acrobat, in the case of QuickPDF. You can also export documents you've created or edited in Quickoffice Pro into these formats.

Working with Quickoffice Pro is surprisingly straightforward. You use the on-screen keyboard to enter text, data and numbers, and access each utility's tools using the Menu button.

Features of QuickOffice Pro

Although many of the formatting options and advanced manipulation tools from Microsoft Office are missing from Quickoffice Pro, there's enough features in the suite to allow you to create decent documents. For instance, Quickword boasts things like a word count, spell checker (available as a separate download), find and replace and the ability to insert tables, images and bullets.

Screenshot :

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Quickoffice Pro For Android. Sama halnya dengan Microsoft Office, Quickoffice adalah sebuah aplikasi untuk keperluan file-file office, seperti membuka, mengedit, hingga membuat file-file office seperti word, excel, dan powerpoint melalui android smartphone sobat. Quickoffice ini bisa juga untuk membuka file-file PDF.

Download Software Full Version:

Download | Mirror | Mirror 2 - Quickoffice (.APK)
Size : 9,6 MB

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