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SlimCleaner 4.0
SlimWare Ultilities provides popular, free software that cleans, speeds and optimizes PCs. The company's products take a crowd-sourced, user-generated approach, so it makes sense that they would want to reach out to power users for feedback about their latest beta -- SlimCleaner 4.0 -- before launching the final version. Our buddies over at Majorgeeks.com are featuring this beta program on their website. Head over to the download link and use the code MAJORGEEKS to download the beta.

SlimCleaner is a system cleaning and maintenance utility with an original twist: it makes use of user ratings from the developer community to help you decide which items should be removed.

The main tool in SlimCleaner is, obviously, the cleaner. It’s a highly-detailed tool that works with a wide variety of applications and also takes care of temporary files, history logs, lists of recently opened documents and other unnecessary elements. The cleaning process is fast and effective.

But that’s not all to SlimCleaner. The program also features an optimization tool to analyze start-up items and active services, an uninstaller and a shredder that helps you get rid of files securely, to prevent their restoration. Finally, the Hijack Log in SlimCleaner displays a list of toolbars, browser helper objects, ActiveX plug-ins and other items, while the Windows Tools area include the native Windows system analysis and optimization tools, though presented in a much more organized and attractive way.

SlimCleaner features an eye-catching nice interface design with bright colors, big animated icons and easy menus. User ratings can be really helpful when trying to decide if you should get rid of a certain item – though unfortunately there are still many programs that don’t have ratings. Another drawback to SlimCleaner is the lack of advanced configuration options.

SlimCleaner removes all unnecessary items from your computer to improve the system’s performance and stability.

 Download SlimCleaner 4.0 beta access From MajorGeeks.com  [  Click Here ]

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