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Cloud System Booster
Download Anvisoft Cloud System Booster Pro - Serial Key : Anvisoft Cloud System Booster Pro is a new, cloud-based system maintenance & optimization tool that will help you benefit from a fast and reliable computer, even without having any expert skills.

Cloud System Booster assembles a pack of system maintenance utilities for daily use. Based on cloud technology, it enables feasible optimization services from users? practices with more efficiency. With one-click solution to extremely facilitate users and Chameleon feature to add some personalized splash to the appearance, Cloud System Booster is set to charm the crowd with either speedy cleaning work or cute attractive custom look., let alone of a cute mini fan mode available for light use. Besides, system restore, scheduled cleaning and network proxy server management are also included for your convenient use. This all-in-one PC maintenance program includes Four powerful functions:
  • Cleaner to scan and clean PC powerfully and thoroughly to free up disk;
  • Optimizer to optimize start up items, services and network to speed up PC;
  • Repair to repair PC errors related to Windows system and Windows registry;
  • And application Cleaner and Optimizer to clean and optimize the installed applications.


Key Features and Benefits

Powerful Cleaner to Clean and Free up Disk
It scans and analyzes entire computers in as little as one second, and cleans computer by several aspects, including junk data on disk, registry, and more unneeded Windows files. Cloud System Booster’s engine is fast and powerful, and it scans deeply and thoroughly than traditional system cleaner and optimization tool.

Disable Unneeded Services and Optimize PC
Services are small helper programs that aid larger applications. By customizing which services are active and which are disabled, Cloud System Booster can optimize your computer to make it perform at its peak. It optimizes network connection to accelerate surfing speed and make internet speed run smoother.

One Click to Perform a Scan and Execute Through Cleaning and Fixing
Cleaning computers, fixing PC errors, and optimizing System are not difficult by the one-click solution provided by Anvisoft. After setting your own-defined scanning and cleaning or fixing modules, you can simply click the Boost button to execute completely PC cleaning, optimizing and repairing. It's designed PC novices without thinking.

Typical Expert Mode for Professional PC Fix
If you are a tech professional, Cloud System Booster will also satisfy your requirements. Go to expert mode by clicking EXPERT button on the right corner, and select the module you want to scan, and also you could select or deselect items you want to scan in your system.

Chameleon – Change Skin with Simple Drop
You will not miss this amazing function of Cloud System Booster. It’s nothing related to system optimization or cleaning function, but it is fun and easy to use yet really shines your eyes. You can select and make your favorite pictures to be the background or skin of Cloud System Booster. Automatically Boosts PC and Makes PC Run at a Peak Performance Automatically boosts PC when PC is idle in background. It also can care PC at a scheduled time automatically without disturbing your work. Schedule an appropriate time to perform the boost by your right choice, and you don’t need to execute it manually any more.

Online Cloud Database
Cloud System Booster allows you to download and install the latest online cloud database automatically or at a scheduled time. It keeps your PC running smoothly and efficiently with frequently updated online database.

System Requirments
  • Operating systems Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • 300 MHz processor or faster processor, 128 MB of RAM, 50 MB of free hard disk space

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