Download Flip Boom Doodle For Windows and MAC OS X

Flip Boom Doodle
Flip Boom Doodle : Create fun animated videos using Flip Boom’s drawing tools and easy-to-use templates. Upload the videos right to your Facebook page so your friends can see them! Express yourself your way with easy-to-use Flip Boom Doodle software. As announced at CES 2012, Toon Boom gives away Flip Boom Doodle, a fun app designed to create animated content running on Mac and PC.

Features Flip Boom Doodle :

  • Drawing Tools: Select tool, Brush tool, Eraser tool, Templates, Adjustable line width
  • Coloring Tools: Colour picker, Brush tool, Bucket tool, Bright color selection,
  • Editing Tools: Cut/Copy/Paste tool, Undo tool, Bring to Front tool, Send to Back tool
  • Animating Tools: Play button, Add/Copy page, See previous drawing.
  • Draw Behind tool: Drawing slider
  • Sharing Tools: Print drawings, Save as movie, Upload on iPod, Upload on YouTube, Share on Facebook

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Flip Boom Doodle adalah sebuah aplikasi menyenangkan yang dirancang untuk membuat konten animasi yang berjalan pada Mac dan PC.
Download Flip Boom Doodle For Windows and MAC OS X
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Flip Boom Doodle for Window
Flip Boom Doodle for MAC OS X

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