Download Windows 8 Transformation Pack 4.0

Windows 8 Transformation Pack
If you’d like to emulate the look on an earlier version of Windows, you’ll need this Windows 8 Transformation Pack tool instead. It takes the UX Pack and adds in a number of extra elements that emulate key aspects of Windows 8 already built into Windows 7 such as the translucent Windows Aero interface. Basically, if you want to get the Windows 8 look in Vista, XP or Windows Server, you need this instead.

Installation is simple enough: extract the setup file from the zip archive, then double-click it to get started. If you’ve installed the pre-requisites (.NET Framework 4.0, plus .NET Framework 2.0-3.5 if you’re running Windows Server or the 64-bit version of XP) you can select what to install and then click Install to see if the program will be able to supply you with the features you desire.

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  • Added Charms Bar as alternatives for those who can't get full Immersive UI to work
  • Added new Segoe family fonts from Windows 8 Consumer Preview with Windows Vista/7 font update support
  • Improved system files modification framework (More secure and safe to handle)
  • Fixed disabling system files modification that won't work on installation
  • Fixed explorer not restoring after choosing to cancel restart during configuration
  • Fixed permission problems in some programs that perform changes in Program Files
  • Fixed system files modification bug in Program Files on x64 platform
  • Fixed unchecking large icon doesn't restore icon size bug
  • Fixed uninstallation script that removes legacy theme registry
  • Updated component UI font to Tahoma and info font to Segoe UI
  • Updated default Metro Desktop UI option to Immersive UI with Charms Bar as default option
  • Updated default pictures of guest and user to Windows 8 Consumer Preview ones
  • Updated Metro Inspirat Windows XP visual style to version 3.0
  • Updated Newgen to version 8.0
  • Updated Newgen UI to match with Windows 8 Consumer Preview
  • Updated system files resources
  • Updated TrueTransparency skin based on Windows 8 Consumer Preview default color
  • Updated wallpapers to Windows 8 Consumer Preview ones
  • Unchecked 'Aero's auto-colorization (Vista/7) only' feature to get Windows 8's default colorization

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Windows 8 transformation pack versi 4.0 terbaru April 2012 adalah software yang berfungsi untuk merubah tampilan windows anda menjadi seperti windows 8, dengan 8 transformation pack versi 4.0 terinstal di komputer atau laptop maka kita akan merasakan telah berada di dalam windows 8 karena aplikasi ini membuat tampilan dan tema windows kita nyaris serupa dengan windows 8 yang asli.

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