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Mozilla Firefox for Android
Mozilla Firefox for Android 10.0.2

Mobile web browsers have always been a little disappointing, but Mozilla is making great strides into bringing its Firefox browser up to the standard of the desktop edition. The Android version of the app boasts an impressive feature set that sounds more reminiscent of desktop software, but while the browser may be impressive, there is still room for improvement.

This latest version improves page load times on 3G connections and the overall performance of web browser is also accelerated thanks to smoothing page panning and CSS3 animations. Privacy concerns can be alleviated by enabling the Do Not Track option to prevent web sites from recording information about online activity.

One of the key advantages of using Firefox over other mobile web browser is that it is so closely linked to the desktop version of the software. Settings and preferences can be easily synchronised between platforms and support for add-ons means that the capabilities of the browser can be extended and customised is a variety of ways.

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Browser merupakan sebuah pelengkap yang sangat penting saat kita sedang berselancar di dunia maya. Dengan browser yang canggih dan versi yang lebih terupdate, kita akan merasa lebih nyaman dan betah untuk berselancar. Nah, beberapa waktu yang lalu saya sudah pernah share mengenai Mozilla Firefox for Android dan di kesempatan kali ini saya akan posting mengenai Mozilla Firefox for Android v10 Terbaru.

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