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Game Protector
Game Protector 1.0

Game Protector is one completely freeware from www.gameprotector.com is free for individual use and non-profit charity. This free software is very easy to use, the interface is friendly, password protect adding and removing is very simple. This software can work properly with Windows Vista.

Game Protector protects any game with a password when a user tries to open the game that requires a password, so that only you can cast. Game Protector lets you protect game on your PC, protect games executable files from unauthorized runs both on your computer, and even when you copy it to other computers.

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Game Protector 1.0 merupakan sebuah software kecil yang fungsinya untuk memprotect aplikasi (.EXE) yang ada di PC kita dengan password. Jadi misal anda ingin mengunci Game, atau aplikasi apapun dengan menggunakan password, Game Protector 1.0 solusinya. Selain Game, software ini juga bisa mengunci aplikasi lain juga ko.

Keistimewaan software ini adalah, password file tetap terjaga walaupun software Game Protectornya sudah di Uninstall.

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Download Now | Game Protector Version 1.0, File Size: 837 KB. Click Here

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