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Download Accelerator PLUS helps you resume downloads if the internet connection dropped, improves the download speed with up to %400 and has a built-in browser. With up to 400% faster downloads! Includes rich set of download management features! Download DAP – now offered with SpeedBit Video Accelerator allowing you to watch videos smoothly!

Download Accelerator PLUS (DAP) - the world's most popular download manager/accelerator that increases and accelerates download speed by up to 400% and delivers faster downloads from more reliable sources.

DAP provides powerful acceleration and the most complete set of download tools available.With DAP downloading is smoother, more responsive, and faster than ever. DAP is packed with technical advancements to provide the best download experience available. Explore all the features of DAP, and see why over 200 million users have chosen DAP for faster downloads.

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Download Accelerator plus (DAP) merupakan salah satu software yang dapat digunakan untuk mempercepat proses download file, kecepatan downloadnya bisa meningkat 40%.DAP terdiri dari dua versi yaitu versi berbayar dan versi gratisan (freeware). versi freeware dapat digunakan untuk pemakaian perseorangan tanpa perlu melakukan registrasi atau memasukkan serial number. Beberapa software lain yang fungsinya sama dengan DAP adalah Internet Download Manager, Internet Download Accelerator, Downlaod Asistant, Flash get, dll.

Download Accelerator Plus Premium Beta

Download Accelerator PLUS

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