WinGate 7.1.2 Build 3397


Share Internet access between multiple PCs over one connection

WinGate is a sophisticated integrated Internet gateway and communications server designed to meet the control, security and communications needs of today's Internet-connected businesses.

WinGate's comprehensive range of license options provides you the flexibility to choose the capabilities and features that best match your needs and budget, whether you need to manage an home network, small business or enterprise.

WinGate allows you to:

· Provide secure and managed Internet access for your entire network via a single or multiple shared internet connections

· Enforce advanced and flexible access-control and acceptable use policies

· Monitor usage in real time, and maintain per-user and per-service audit logs.

· Stop viruses, spam and inappropriate content from entering your network

· Provide comprehensive internet and intranet email services.

· Protect your servers from internal or external threats.

· Improve network performance and responsiveness with web and DNS caching

· Ease administration burdens on your internal networks.

Here are some key features of "WinGate":

· Multiple simultaneous internet connections

· Transparent proxying

· WinGate Internet Client

· Support for servers behind firewall

· Network Address Translation (NAT)

· Support for multiple connection types

· Dial on demand

· Circuit-level proxies (SOCKS / WRP)

· Application proxies (WWW, FTP etc)

· AOL / DirecPC connections

· User accounting

· Traffic monitoring

· Remote Administration

· DHCP Services

· Real-time activity monitoring

· Logging and user auditing

· Secure Remote Command-line access

· Scheduler

· Centralised WinGate Client configuration

· Multiple simultaneous internet connections

· Bandwidth management / throttling

· HTTP caching

· DNS caching

· POP3, SMTP, and IMAP4 servers

· Support for Antivirus data scanning

· POP3 mailbox collection

· Anti-spam measures

· Attachment blocking

· Remote Email Queue Management

· Multiple authentication options

· POP3 and SMTP proxies

· MS Outlook secure authentication

· User quotas and restrictions

· Comprehensive message routing

· Secure connections (SSL/TLS)

· Flexible delivery options

· Terminal services / multiple users per IP

· Active Directory integration

· User authentication options

· In-built or OS user database

· Support for AI content filtering

· User and group management

· Global and per-service policies

· Advanced policy criteria

· Support for Antivirus data scanning

· DMZ Support

· Stateful packet-level firewall

· Application execution control

· SYN-cookies

· Secure connections (SSL access to proxies)

· Internet connection failover

· Internet gateway monitoring

· Server redundancy options

· Automatic system reconfiguration


· Network Interface Card Adapter


· 30-day trial

What's New in This Release:

· New: Web Access Control: Added support for rule matching on websites as well as categories.

· New: TCP Mapping proxy: Added support for client certificates

· New: Sessions: Added schema access for ExpiryTime - allows policy to set an expiry time on a session

· New: Policy: Added support for Expression evaluator to not resolve to boolean result.

· New: Schema: Added support for Time value to convert to / from string.

· New: IMAP: Added ESEARCH extension

· New: IMAP: Added WITHIN extension

· New: IMAP: Added optional Parameters and disposition information to BODYSTRUCTURE

· New: IMAP: Extended ID response to include WinGate version

· New: Services: Added support for component-based network services.

· New: WinGate Management: Added support for scaling of image on online options and login dialog for different font sizes

· Fix: Updates: history view entries were empty

· Fix: SMTP Queue: WinGate mail list processing was broken

· Fix: IMAP: issue with changes to MODSEQ when MOVE is used

· ...

Program Information
 Developer: Qbik
Price and Added Date
Trial / USD 74.95.02-04-2012
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