Media Player Classic - Home Cinema


A Media Player Classic but for home cinema usage

Media Player Classic - Home Cinema has been designed as a simple but effective solution for viewing movies.
Seeing as how the current market is cluttered with complex media players, Media Player Classic - Home Cinema wanted to maintain a simple interface that comes with all necessary and suffice features needed to play a video.
Plus, it supports most commonly used video file formats.
This software doesn't need to be installed, so that means it's portable. Just place in on any removable drive and run it from there.
Using this version of Media Player Classic can be a little tricky. For example, when we tried to open a video file, the program warned us about creating the EVR Custom renderer, due to the fact that some installed components are not supported by the media player (in other words, they are "too new"). However, the application managed to play the respective video file.
In the menu section you can access File (e.g. capture an image, save image thumbnails, save and load a subtitle, or search for one in the online database), View (e.g. playlist, shader editor, language, renderer settings, video frame, pan and scan), and others.
In the Play section you can go to a particular frame (especially useful if you're planning to split and join video clips), as well as select filters and shaders, but also configure subtitles.
In Navigate you can select audio and subtitle language, title, subtitle and chapter menu, and others. Of course, this is available for DVDs and Blu-rays.
In Options you are able to select the file extensions associated with Media Player Classic - Home Cinema, integrate it in the Explorer context menu, configure hotkeys, enable or disable internal filters, and others.
The software uses a normal amount of CPU and resources.
The bottom line is that Media Player Classic - Home Cinema is a small but very powerful tool for playing video files. We strongly recommend you use it. And it's free!

Program Information
 Developer: Casimir666
Price and Added Date
GPL / $0.02-04-2012
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