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MailWasher Pro 2012
MailWasher Pro 2012 is designed to remove spam, viruses and unwanted attachments from your email before they get to your computer. MailWasher Pro 2012 connects to your email server then retrieves and displays information about the email waiting for you. Aided by MailWasher's built-in processing tools, you can then decide what to do with each individual email - download, delete, or bounce it back to the sender.

When someone sends you an email it is first received by your Internet Service Providers email server. It is held there until you start up your email program, (eg. Outlook Express, or some other program) which then looks on this server and downloads all your email, spam or not.

What Mailwasher does is to log onto that email server and download a small text only portion of each email. This lets you look at each email and see if it is a spam or a real email. You can then choose to delete or keep the email. When you use your email program to download your email, all the spam has already been deleted.
Normally this is how you would use Mailwasher Pro with your email program,
* Open MailWasher
* Click, Check Mail,
* Mark your email for deletion or keeping,
* Click Wash Mail
* Then you open, (or Mailwasher Opens ) your email program,
* Click Send/Receive in your email program to check for new mail like normal.
Minimum system requirements:

  • Windows XP or Windows Vista with .NET 3.5SP1(included with Windows Update), or Windows 7
  • 1GB of RAM, 64MB of disk space recommended, and an Internet connection
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