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LangoMax : The words you choose to express yourself tell others a great deal your intelligence, education, and status. Research has shown that your ability to communicate effectively closely correlates with your success in relationships, school, career and business. If you have problems conveying your ideas succinctly, you’re being left behind.

LangoMax Adult Advantage helps you attain the powerful vocabulary you need to excel in personal relationships and in your career. LangoMax Adult Advantage uses advanced learning technologies to take vocabulary learning beyond simple flash card or book-centered solutions. Express your ideas clearly and inspire confidence in your listeners. Gain the self-assurance that comes from conveying your ideas with clarity.

LangoMax has 5 distinct modes. Within each learning mode, you will be presented with different types of challenges to help learn new vocabulary, pronunciation, and proper usage. Langomax works in both in and out of full screen mode and is Windows and Mac compatible.

LangoMax Adult Advantage is available for $24.95, you can get LangoMax Adult Advantage for free full version.

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