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Treasure Adventure Game
Treasure Adventure is a fun game that is made with high passion. This is evident from the 2D graphics are colorful, smooth gameplay, and the large amount of area you can explore. The game is deliberately designed in a simple, make it can be played on computers with low specifications though. But the game's graphics are minimalist does not reduce the thrill Treasure Adventure game. In fact this game was asked to be Best Indie Adventure Game of 2011!

This game tells the story of a boy who landed on an island, which island is actually a fragment of a continent ravaged during the war between the devil and a witch.

You play as a young man, for the adventure, and walked through many regions and oceans to get what should you look for. Here you become a child in such a large area.

The equipment you have is a hat, a parrot, and a boat that will appear when you meet the waters. There are a lot of area, map, secrets, danger and triumph that should you conquered.

 Treasure Adventure

Here I show you how to get the game for free and legal:
1. Open the main page and sign up GOG (If you have already registered, please just login)
GOG Homepage

2. Once registered, please login to your account. Then visit our Treasure Adventure game
Treasure Adventure Game Page
Then click the "Add to My Account"

3. Treasure Adventure Games is successful you get. Now click "Open My Account Page" and please download Treasure Adventure game you just got.

Now you can simply play this game and the Treasure Island adventure complete all the missions there.
Treasure Island game was developed over two years by Robit Studio, making it the Best Indie Adventure Game of 2011.

Create an curious as to what he called Best Indie Adventure Game play this? Immediately download and play this Treasure Island!

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