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get FREE License Key for YoWindow Unlimited! YoWindow is a weather application. A new kind of a weather application. YoWindow displays weather conditions over a nice and peaceful landscape.
So you can watch the weather looking at the landscape. Naturally - just like looking out of your window. That makes YoWindow special. You see the picture instead of bare weather data. In your window you can watch current weather only. YoWindow is able to display the weather forecast.
You can point at any time you wish and enjoy the weather picture. You can even scroll the time.
At the moment, there are no weather application of this kind. YoWindow is a next generation interface for weather application


  • Beautiful picture - quality graphics and animation.
  • The weather picture is easy to get and easy to remember, opposed to weather reports.
  • Watch the weather at any moment you wish.
  • The picture is built on top of the real data - weather, sun-light, season, astronomical calculations.
  • Every weather phenomenon is supported:

  1. various clouds
  2. rain
  3. snow
  4. hail
  5. fog
  6. wind (reflected in the clouds, grass, rain drops, etc)
  7. thunderstorm and other ..
  • Every weather parameter you need is available for display: temperature, wind speed and direction, pressure, humidity, etc.
  • You can choose virtually any place on earth to watch (21,000 locations)
get FREE License Key for YoWindow Unlimited! How to get YoWindow Unlimited for free?

UPDATE: To get the YoWindow Ultimate 3 worth $ 19.98 for free and legal, just follow these easy steps:
1. Download the installer YoWindow Unlimited 3
Installer YoWindow Unlimited 3
2. install YoWindow
NB: At the moment there is a possibility YoWindow installation process will ask you to install Internet Explorer 9 and Adobe Flash Player. Just click Install.
3. Enable the following licensed
NB: This license can be expired at any time. Immediately use it while you can.

4. YoWindow Unlimited 3 you have been active in legal and free license.


The Past
  1. Wait for this Friday, October 7
  2. Post YoWindow promo message on Facebook or Twitter
  3. Send us a link to your post by email
  4. In one week, on October 14 you will receive your License Key for YoWindow Unlimted

The rules of this promo campaign.

1. Wait for this Friday, October 7. Just wait for this Friday. If you to post before or after, your post will not be accepted.

2. Post YoWindow promo message on Facebook or Twitter.  On Friday, October 7 post one of the following messages to your Facebook Wall or Twitter.

You can post
"I am watching weather in YoWindow - http://yowindow.com"

But you will make them happy if you to post this message :)
"Love watching weather in YoWindow - http://yowindow.com"

IMPORTANT: On Facebook you must select "Public" before you submit the post.
Otherwise they would not be able to check your participation in the campaign.
IMPORTANT: Please post in your own language.
Say, if most of your friends speak Spanish, please post in Spanish.
IMPORTANT: They will review Facebook and Twitter posts written on Friday - October 7 ONLY (in your local time).
IMPORTANT: Link to their website - http://yowindow.com must work. If the link is not working, you will not be eligible for the License Key.

Just click on the link and make sure you are getting to yowindow.com

3. Paste the link to your post page into the email.

IMPORTANT: Sign the email with your real name. They need your name to generate the License Key.

Example email

To: promo@repkasoft.com
Subject: YoWindow Friday

Post: http://www.facebook.com/repkin#!/repkin/posts/10150327452987771

Pavel Repkin

4. Send them the link to your post

Send them the link to your post by email to promo@repkasoft.com
with this subject: YoWindow Friday

5. Wait ONE WEEK until next Friday - October 14.

  • They need to make sure your friends have read the post.
  • In one week after you have posted they will check your post.
  • If the post is there and the link to http://yowindow.com is working, you will receive your License Key to YoWindow Unlimited between October 14 and October 17.
  • They would need 1 to 3 days to process all emails and send the license keys.

6. Enjoy YoWindow without any limits :)

other info: http://yowindow.com/yowindow_fb_giveaway.php

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