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Steganos Safe 11 Full Version

Steganos launches Safe 11 and Steganos Privacy Suite 11
- Data Security Double Package for data privacy, encryption and peace of mind for all
mobile workers and their data -
March, 2009 – Steganos, an expert in encryption and privacy software, has launched the latest
versions of its data protection products: Steganos Privacy Suite 11 and Steganos Safe 11. The
applications have been completely revised with a range of new features and new intuitive interfaces
enabling quick access to the individual tools available.
New features in Steganos Safe 11, which is part of Steganos Privacy Suite but also available as a
standalone application, include a shredding tool which identifies areas that have already been shredded
to minimize time spent cleaning drives, right click data destruction command for trash bin contents,
Drag-and-drop support makes it easier to move documents into a safe, and optional network capability
to allow the application to perform on a network – and on top of all that, the Safe size is doubled to
512 GB each.
Steganos Privacy Suite 11 has a raft of new features including the ability to create several profiles for
different users with Steganos Password Manager, capacity to capture and store more information about
individual passwords; an unlimited number of safes, each with up to 512 GB of storage; mailbox
encryption; convenient scheduling on data destruction operations; PicPass picture series to replace
plain text passwords; e-mail encryption; rewritable Steganos Portable Safe; steganography support;
and trace destruction features.
The inclusion of Steganos Password Manager in Steganos Privacy Suite is one of the key additions.
Steganos Password Manager has numerous features to facilitate ease of use, and allows the creation of
several password-protected profiles for different users, as well as additional information to be stored
on individual passwords. Optional upgrades include Steganos AntiTheft and a network-ready version.
Michael Marzy, managing director, Steganos said, “Working remotely on a laptop or simply at home
or work on a PC with connection to the internet is a fact of life nowadays, but many users simply
forget about the dangers. Documents, photos and pictures – whether its on laptops, USB sticks or CDs, travel all around the world with us and are at constant risk of loss or theft. Our solutions are easy-touse and have the necessary features to help consumers protect their data, and more importantly
Steganos Safe™ 11 in detail:
*Holds up to 512 GB of user-defined and controlled storage. Create as many encrypted data safes to
store photos, music, movies and more. Automatic safe shut down when user logs out or when
computer sleeps.
*Steganos Portable Safe™ safely protects portable data such as USB sticks, CDs, DVDs or iPod®. No
extra software is required to open a Steganos Portable Safe™ on another computer.
* Emails in the bank: Password protect e-mails with Steganos Mailbox Encryption to guard against
unauthorised access. Available for Outlook (including contacts, schedules and to do lists), Outlook
Express and Windows Mail.
* Fail safe data delete with Steganos Shredder™: performs permanent and unrecoverable data delete
operations on hard and external drives such as USB sticks, rewritable CDs, DVDs, and memory cards.
Uses incremental shredding to identify areas that have already been cleaned to save time. Free Space
Scheduler lets users decide if and when free areas on the hard disk are to be shredded. A right click
data destruction command reliably deletes trash bin contents.
* Steganos Password Generator: creates highly secure passwords with special characters, numbers and
upper and lower case letters with a click of a mouse. Allows user-definition of password properties
and strength.
* Password security check for the safest codes: Grades and provides feedback on password strength
for keyed in passwords. Multilingual dictionary instantly flags and warns user about unsafe passwords.
* Manual access to data safes using a USB stick, PDA, memory card, digicam, or iPod. Allows visual
access to data safes using a series of pictures. Or automatically opens data safes with an ActiveSync
enabled mobile phone with Bluetooth. Once the Bluetooth device is out of range, the safe closes
* Faster and faster! Supports hotkey, automatic login and drag-and-drop
Supports shortcuts to quickly open and close safes. Allows drag-and-drop to copy and move data
easily to data safes. Or automatically start a safe and applications with user login.
*No way for Keyloggers with virtual keyboard
Simply type in a password for a safe with virtual keyboard. Optional combined mode is also available
to ensure keys constantly change position to outwit even the smartest mouse click recorders.
*‘Open Sesame‘ with Steganos PicPass: Lets users select a series of images as a password, eliminating
the need to memorize long and complicated password strings.
* Highly secure 256 Bit AES encryption: Uses an uncrackable (and world-renowned) 256 Bit AES
security algorithm.
* Optional Steganos Safe™ Network Feature: An upgrade enables data safes to be used on a network.
The first user to open a safe receives read and write privileges, while subsequent users receive read
only access. Or users can embed a safe onto their own home network.
Steganos Privacy™ Suite 11 in detail:
* All the features outlined for Steganos Safe (above) plus:
* Steganos TraceDestructor: covers user’s traces from surfing or working on a laptop/ PC, such as
documents worked on or website visted. Removes them automatically and permanently. *Simple password management control. Website forms are completed automatically, individual
categories make sense of all a user‘s passwords, and useful information is captured and stored.
Because of individual profile setups, Steganos Password Manager can be used by multiple users.
*Privacy of favourite websites in a password-protected favourites list. Includes plug-in for Internet
Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.
*Email encryption: Simple encrypted e-mails via a click of a mouse. The e-mail recipient only needs a
password—and the message decrypts itself automatically. All without having to install additional
*Steganography—Hiding the easy way
*Crypt & Hide disguises critical data in pictures and music. Nobody will have a clue about the
encrypted hidden in these files.
*Optional Steganos AntiTheft provides information about the whereabouts of a stolen laptop or PC.
Steganos Privacy Suite 11 and Steganos Safe 11 are available now from
Steganos Privacy Suite™ 11
69,95 USD / £ 44,95 / 79,95 CAD (full download version ready for use)
41,95 USD / £ 26,95 / 49,95 CAD (full version upgrade from previous version
Steganos Privacy Suite™ 2008, Steganos Security Suite 2007, Steganos Security Suite™ 2006,
Steganos Security Suite™ SE 2006, Steganos Safe™ 2008, Steganos Safe™ 2007, Steganos Safe™ 8
for download and use)
Steganos Safe 11™
39,95 USD / £ 26,95 / 49,95 CAD (full and ready to use trial version available for download)
23,95 USD / £ 15,95 / 29,95 CAD (full version upgrade from previous version Steganos Safe™ 2008,
Steganos Safe™ 2007, Steganos Safe™ 8 for download and use)
Network capability for Steganos Safe 11™ and Steganos Privacy Suite™ 11
14,95 USD / £ 8,95 / 18,95 CAD
AntiTheft capability for Steganos Privacy Suite™ 11
14,95 USD / £ 8,95 / 18,95 CAD
Steganos Privacy Suite™ 11
Steganos Safe 11™
Operating Systems:
Windows XP Home Edition (at least Service Pack 2)
Windows XP Professional (at least Service Pack 2)
Windows Vista (32 Bit)
Windows Vista (64 Bit)
- 100 MB free hard disk space for installation – Screen resolution of at least 800×600
- Minimum High Color (16 Bit)
- Minimum 256 MB ram memory
- Minimum Pentium or comparable CPU
- Internet connection (compulsory for product activation and updates)
- Mouse or other pointing device compatible with Windows
- For Steganos Safe: More hard disk space is required for secured drives. To use the full 512 GB per
drive, a NTFS file system is required. With the FAT32 file system, a maximum of 4 GB per secured
drive is possible.
- For Portable Safe: Optional CD or DVD writer with corresponding software. Optional and temporary
up to 8.5 GB of hard disk space for Portable Safe packet files. To run Steganos Portable Safe on
another computer, one-time administrator rights are required for installation of decryption program.
- Secured drives cannot be decrypted on compressed NTFS drives.
- Supported key devices: ActiveSync compatible devices (e.g. smartphones, PDAs), all devices
recognized by Windows as removable storage devices (e.g. USB sticks, memory cards, digital
- Key devices are not included in package.
- Mailbox encryption functionality is not available for Windows Vista 64 Bit.
Find more information about Steganos products at www.steganos.com
About Steganos and its products:
Since 1996, Steganos GmbH has been offering highly secure and easy to use data protection tools
that guard on and offline data. Our innovations include the world’s first commercially available
steganography application, which allows users to conceal data in pictures and sound files. Steganos
also pioneered the world’s first commercially available encryption software with AES technology
(Advanced Encryption Standard). Our innovations—along with consistent national and international
press awards—have made Steganos synonymous with quality privacy protection. That’s why
millions of users worldwide trust and use Steganos.
More information available at http://www.steganos.com

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