Download Software CyberGhost VPN 6 months License Key for free

 CyberGhost  : Are you curious about how it can look like free Internet? In the right place. Trusting that CyberGhost can show you the Internet without artificial limits, banned materials, and fears that you are supervised and monitored, certainly not a mistake.

"PC Format" offers the opportunity to anonymously surf the internet for a period of 6 months, which will allow you to recover all lost sensitive areas. For this purpose, it is enough to respond to simple questions in one of the parties to the magazine and provide a valid e-mail address to send you the serial number for activation.

Exchange for this, CyberGhost offers:
  • 6 months of the most anonymous of possible over the internet
  • 10 GB monthly transfer
  • ability to use your Internet 2 GB
  • access to 20 different servers
  • Guaranteed availability, with no waiting time
  • bonus
CyberGhost VPN six months for free!
Here's how to:
1. Download the application here: http://cyberghostvpn.com/en/product/download.html
2.go to
3. After that, Answer Questions from CyberGhost Team. The answer I have already provided in the bottom, then enter your E-mail ,then Write the CAPTCHAs. Click the button "PRZESLAC ODPOWIEDZ"

4. CyberGhost Team will send an E-mail A Confrimation That Contains A Link Confrimation
5. you will directly go to page that contains the serial number, do not forget to copy your serial number first. and click on "Click Here"
6.  you must Login or Register. after that, You Will See (On The Sidebar) "Activate Serial Number" (Click on "Activate Serial Number").
7. Paste the Serial Number CyberGhost VPN Premium, and Click "Activate Subscription".
8. Install CyberGhost VPN, Please Login with your account to the program, Click Connect.

The following is the answers according to the page:
4 Cyfrowe
10 Robi
20 Wysoka
28 Obraz
30 USB
34 Niezawodne
36 Do (jak nie zadziała łatwej albo Do łatwej)
38 Twórcy
42 Ukryj
44 Zarejestruj
46 Włącz
48 Rozmówki
50 GG (albo zamiast)
52 Szalona
54 Ochrona
58 Kaspersky
59 Darmowy
60 Uszczelnienie
62 Szybko (bądź Zdięcie)
63 Klucz
64 Bez (albo duplikatów)
66 Wygodniej
68 Odkurzanie
70 Monitoring
75 Cztery
76 Upiększanie
78 Zdobądź
81 Co (albo kryje albo Co kryje)
82 Archiwa
83 Zdięcie
88 Andorid
90 Czwarty
91 Wygoda
92 Drukowanie
94 Jak (albo tworzono albo Jak Tworzono)

NOTE : Your serial number can be activated only during March 5 - 01 April 2012. then expires.!

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