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CryptBox 2012  : Whether you share your computer or not, you should probably think about encrypting some of your private document. Files relating to your finances, work and personal life can reveal a great deal of information about you, and it is not just a matter of wanting to maintain personal privacy. Identity theft is a serious problem, and if your personal details fall into the wrong hands, there is no way of knowing just how it will be used. CryptBox 2012 is an immensely powerful encryption tool that can be used to secure your data and you can grab yourself a free copy in today’s giveaway.

CryptBox allows you to store your data securely. CryptBox creates Safes, which look like normal drives and which can be filled with data like you are used to in Windows. The program employs government standard 256-bit AES encryption that can be applied to individual files, whole folders or even complete drives – you can even encrypt the drive on which Windows is installed. Everything can be configured using a series of wizards and in a matter of minutes you will be able to set up all of the encrypted safes that you need. These can be used to not only store files, but also to install portable apps that can then be used on any computer without the need for installation. CryptBox is travel-friendly in other ways too, making it possible to store an encrypted safe on a USB drive so you can benefit from the same security on other computers. If you want to avoid having to take too much on the toad with you, you could opt to use your iPod as the storage location.


CryptBox 2012 Feature
  • Easy Encryption by Wizards
  • AES-256 Encryption Algorithm
  • Systemdrive encryption
  • Install PortableApps into your Saf
  • TravelSafe
  • iPhone/iPod as key for your Safe
  • File shredder
  • MemoryProtect©
  • Support os: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP (32/64-bit)
CryptBox 2012 Giveaway
As with all of the Downloadcrew giveaways, the free download of CryptBox 2012 is only available for a limited period. You have just one day – from 00:00 to 23:59, Central European Time, on Wednesday 21 March – to get hold of your copy head over to the giveaway page now… grab it while you can (just Download the programs, no need to Login).

In order to unlock CryptBox 2012, a full current product worth $29.95, you will need to apply for a serial number. Launch the program after installation and enter your name and email address when prompted to do so, before clicking the ‘Get free unlock code now’ button. Within a few moments you will receive and email containing the required unlock code that will enable you to continue using the program free from restrictions.

Update: giveaway page

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