Bopup Communication Server


A corporate solution for instant messaging and management of Network Groups

Bopup Communication Server is a secure messaging suite designed to provide efficient and private communication over networks of any size. The server meets most of the critical business needs, such as the Active Directory (LDAP) support, centralized management, message logging.

Bopup Communication Server can be easily deployed over the business infrastructure to unite the entire company's offices and other locations into one internal IM workspace with control over messaging groups, user permissions to view others and send messages, a message archive with printing support.

Since the server stores and delivers offline messages, users never lose information they are supposed to receive. Messaging is encrypted with strong algorithms so personal and group conversations are safe and secure even if messages are sent via the Internet.

Users can send messages with formatted text, links and graphic emoticons (smileys), organize their personal Contact Lists, access their contacts from any workplace and see who is online and available for communication. The client software can be configured on the server to run in the Confirmation Mode, which means that the client pops up every time a new message is received and keeps the window on top until the user confirms the message.

To crown it all, Bopup Communication Server is fast to deploy and easy to use. It has a great and flexible user interface and comes with a built-in messaging system for scheduled and planned user notifications. Client instant messengers can be easily installed and distributed via Group Policies with the support of pre-installed settings.

Here are some key features of "Bopup Communication Server":

· Transparent operations for end users.

· Creating new groups.

· Editing groups.

· Deleting groups.

· Assigning users to groups.

· Removing users from groups.

· Viewing all Network Groups that are assigned to specified computer and user.

· Viewing all users that are currently assigned to a specified Network Group.

· Storing messages for a future sending.

· Automatic sending messages when recipient appears online.

· Deleting messages from queue.

· Setting auto-deletion time period.


· 1 GHz processor

· 512 MB of RAM

· 70 MB of free disk space

· TCP/IP connection


· 25 concurrent user connections

· 30 days trial period

What's New in This Release:

· Fixed a lot of issues that occur if logging and archiving of Message History is disabled on the IM server (added to previous version 4.0.9).

· The Setup Wizard of the IM server added information on the TCP/IP port that is used by the communication server.

Program Information
 Developer: B Labs
Price and Added Date
Trial / USD 219.00.02-04-2012
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