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BackupSF : Everything you need to back up your site. The MySql database is backed up with the help of scripts uploaded to your server. It is necessary because it is impossible to remotely connect to the database in most cases. ou can upload the files back to the server via FTP using any FTP client and restore the database by means of import in PhpMyAdmin.

To make it as safe as possible, you can create an account at Dropbox, SugarSync or a similar service and specify the synchronization folder as the backup storage in BackupSF. This way, as soon as BackupSF creates a backup copy, it will be uploaded to the cloud. This approach makes your data truly immortal.

BackupSF lets you back up critical website files and databases to non-host locations, enabling quick recovery in the event of the host's server failure, infection, or corruption. Hosting providers have been known to lose entire hard drives, taking not only their hosted sites, but also all recent backups, down to never-never land. Worst of all, your site can suffer malware infection that turns it into a spambot server - and unless the host server's backup is clean, all is lost! With BackupSF, your website is safely backed up on a local drive, or, even better, a cloud-based folder such as Dropbox. Just upload the files and database back to your host's server, and you're back in business!

BackupSF uses FTP and MySQL scripts to ensure that everything about your site is safe and secure, which also makes restoring your site quick and easy using any FTP client and database import tools. Think about the degree of permanent damage to your reputation and revenue stream you would suffer if your site were down for an extended time, then think of how happy and joyous you'll be when you remember your BackupSF backup! It's a no-brainer and a must-buy!


BackupSF Features

  • Regular MySql database backup from the DB server to your local computer
  • Regular file backup via FTP from the server to your local computer
  • Unlimited number of websites in the PRO version
  • Easy and clear interface. Simple step-by-step wizard with instructions

BackupSF System requirements

  • Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista on the local computer
  • PHP support on the remote server for MySql backups

BackupSF Giveaway

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