Download YoWindow Unlimited Edition 3.0 Build 50 Final

YoWindow is a beautiful weather screen-saver which displays the current weather conditions of your location over a peaceful and quaint village landscape. So you can watch the weather looking at the landscape. Naturally – just like looking out of your window.

YoWindow delivers weather data in what may be the most fun interface you’ve ever seen. You see the picture instead of bare weather data.  The background village landscape will reflect the current conditions. The sun rises and sets just as it does in real time, and precipitation and other weather phenomena are depicted with animations. You can see actual cloud cover, rain, snow, fog, even thunderstorms.

YoWindow Key features:

    * The weather picture is easy to get and easy to remember, opposed to weather reports.
    * Watch the weather at any moment you wish.
    * The picture is built on top of the real data – weather, sun-light, season, astronomical calculations.
    * Every weather phenomenon is supported: various clouds, rain, snow, hail, fog, wind (reflected in the clouds, grass, rain drops, etc), thunderstorm
    * Every weather parameter you need is available for display: temperature, wind speed and direction, pressure, humidity, etc.
    * You can choose virtually any place on earth to watch (21,000 locations)

Download YoWindow Unlimited Edition 3.0 Build 50 Final

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