VmbMail (formerly AutoMail)


Send automated bulked mailings to customers, business partners or friends.

With VmbMail you can automate large mailings to customers, business partners or friends can send.

This program is capable of sending an email to a list of recipients. The recipient list stores the contacts with their email address and other information.

VmbMail will process a recipient list which contains the mail address, cc addresses, message, sending state and attachment filename, if designated. 
The format of this file is CSV which is compatible to numerous database applications and MS Excel. So it is possible e.g. to export the required customer data from a database as CSV file and use it in VmbMail.
Here are some key features of "VmbMail (formerly AutoMail)":

· Standard text or custom cover letter for each recipient
· Attachment for each recipient
· Name of recipient automatically add in shipping
· Each valid mail account can be used as the sender
· Importing. CSV files (standard format, for example, is also supported by Excel)
· Create any number of recipient lists / use

· Minimum screen resolution 800x600
· Free space on HD min. 10 MB
· Internet connection and valid mail account

· 60 days trial
· Nag screen

Program Information
 Developer: B. Vormbaum EDV
Price and Added Date
Trial / EUR 24.90.25-03-2012
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