Swift To-Do List 7 Standard For Free (Coming Soon!)

Everything in Swift To-Do List 7 Standard is organized into a tree, with over 140 icons that you can use to represent your To-Do lists. Everything can be reorganized using drag and drop. Recurring tasks alleviate the need to enter important things more than once. Plus, everything can be cut, copied, and pasted, or printed and exported for those of you who are on-the-go. You can even drag & drop emails (video demo) inside Swift To-Do List to create tasks from them!

Swift To-Do List is not only feature-rich and easy to use, it is also very flexible and customizable, and it is being used by thousands of users around the whole world in all imaginable professions. It doesn't matter if you are a manager, business owner, retiree, dolphin trainer, lawyer, personal development enthusiast, NASA scientist (and we have some among our customers!), or a busy mom (we have some too!), Swift To-Do List does it all and suits all - unless you are looking for a complex project management software - in that case, Swift To-Do List might not be the right tool for you.

If you think that task management software or note management software must be dull, boring, and hard to use, we would love to prove you wrong.

Whether you are looking for a just a simple to-do list manager, notes or checklist software, or a simple project management software, Swift To-Do List does the job great and nothing else comes even close.

Best of all, Swift To-Do List 7 Standard is small enough to fit onto a thumb drive, so you can take it with you on the road for use on any computer!

Swift To-Do List 7 Standard
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Swift To-Do List 7 Standard  Features

  • Manage both tasks and notes. Each task has its own notes, and you can also create separate full note pages right in the to-do list tree ("memos").
  • Import (CSV/TSV/TXT). Import tasks from Outlook, Lotus Notes, Excel, Task Merlin, VIP Organizer, and many other programs. You can also import tasks from some web-apps like Toodledo.
  • To-Do List Tree with icons to organize your to-do lists and memos (notes). Choose from more than 140 icons in 4 sizes. Easily reorder to-do lists using mouse (drag & drop).
  • Clean and simple design. Intuitive and very easy to use, yet powerful and efficient. No learning curve. Start using Swift To-Do List immediately.
  • All the columns you need: Name, Priority, Type, Due Date. The Professional edition also supports: Start Date, Completion Date, Context, Assigned To, Time Estimate, Time Spent, Percent Done, Status. Swift To-Do List also automatically records Creation Date, Last Changed Date and Task ID for each of your tasks. There are 20+ different columns to choose from.
  • Reminders can be easily set for any of your tasks with just a few clicks. Swift To-Do List has great reminder support. The snoozing of reminders is really easy and flexible. You can even receive email reminders and task recurrence notifications sent to you directly from the program.
  • Recurring tasks support. Very flexible setup, many patterns to choose from: Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, monthly on day of week, yearly, yearly on day of week, X days after completion. It is possible to setup recurrences like: The last Friday of every month, or the first Monday in January, or every Tuesday and Thursday, or 5 days after the task is completed or any other pattern. Unique feature: You can even preview the next 10 times the task is going to recur.
  • Rich notes formatting and editing, including styles (bold, italic, underline, strike through), paragraphs, colors, bullets, numbered lists, fonts and images. Print notes. Insert date/time or separators with hotkey. And much more.
  • Import notes and memos from many formats, including MS Word DOC and DOCX files, HTML files, web-archive MHT files, OpenOffice ODT files, plain text TXT files, rich text RTF files, and e-book ePUB files.
  • Export notes and memos to PDF files and all the above formats
  • Reorder your tasks using mouse (drag & drop). You can either sort your task lists by any column (or multiple columns), or you can easily create your own custom order of tasks with mouse.
  • Attachments: Attach files, folders, email addresses and web links to your tasks. Just drag & drop any file to task's notes area and the file is attached!New in 7.10: You can now also create embedded file attachments and store the files directly in the Swift To-Do List database.
  • Attach emails to tasks: You can drag & drop emails and calendar items from Outlook into Swift To-Do List to attach them to your tasks. Many of your tasks come through email, and the convenience of being able to attach emails to your tasks is invaluable. Other email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird or The Bat! are supported as well.
  • Turn emails into tasks: You can just drag & drop emails into the task-view to add them as tasks. See a short video demo. Many email clients are supported, including Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Lotus Notes, The Bat! and others. You can also drag & drop .eml and .msg files directly.
  • Printing and exporting is powerful, yet very simple to use. The output can be filtered, grouped by any column, and it can include only the tasks, to-do lists, and columns that you want. The export supports task notes, colors, check boxes. Choose the text size. Export to HTML or MS Excel (comma delimited). And much more.
  • View modes and filters that allow you to see only the tasks you need at the moment. Create your own filter presets and quickly switch between them using toolbar button or automatically assigned keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl + 1, Ctrl + 2, ...).
  • Sort your task lists by multiple columns at once. Want to sort them by Due Date first, then by Priority? No problem. Or, want to sort them by Priority first, then by Due Date? No problem! Any other combination, even with 3 or 5 columns? No problem. You can sort by any number of columns. To add additional column into the sort, simply hold the Shift key while clicking the column. To clear the sort, simply click any column without holding the Shift key.
  • Add and edit multiple tasks at once. Working with multiple tasks at the same time is really easy and can save you a lot of hassle (and time).
  • Undo/redo any operation. Know your data is safe thanks to undo. Deleted something by accident? No worries, you can just undo it.
  • Cut, copy & paste tasks, to-do lists, notes and attachments. Fully integrated clipboard support. Create templates and checklists.
  • Task Archive stores your deleted tasks, you can recover them if needed. Never lose your tasks! The Task Archive also records the deletion date, so you can use it as a history tool.
  • Custom task coloring. Automatically color tasks by priority, type, status, assigned to or context. Highlight overdue tasks. Highlight tasks due today. Choose your own custom colors.
  • Email tasks. Assign and email tasks with just 2 clicks. Right click any task, select Email Task, click Send and you are done! You can edit the email message and send it directly from Swift To-Do List via SMTP. You can fully customize the email template to include any task properties, its notes and any other text. You can even send hidden BCC copy to yourself. (Task emailing is in the Professional edition only).
  • Customize priorities, statuses, task types, contexts etc. You can specify your own task priorities and statuses! This allows you to use Swift To-Do List in conjunction with any productivity system, including Stephen Covey's 4-quadrants time management or David Allen's Getting Things Done (GTD).
  • Time Tracking. Automatically track the time spent on your tasks. Just right-click any task, and select "Start Time Tracking", and a small floating window counting and displaying the time spent will be shown. (Professional edition only, added in v7.26)
  • Portable. Runs from USB drive. Swift To-Do List can be deployed to your USB thumb drive and you can then run it on any computer from there.
  • Enable or disable fields as needed. This is a unique feature. Swift To-Do List automatically changes depending on what columns you use. For example, if you disable the Context field, you won't even know that Swift To-Do List supports it. But if you discover that you need it one day, you can easily enable it. Swift To-Do List is extremely flexible and customizable.
  • Protect your database with strong encryption. The encryption is virtually impossible to bypass if you use a strong password.
  • Mouse or keyboard can be used to accomplish any operation. Swift To-Do List supports many hotkeys and shortcuts. If you are an advanced user, you can control it entirely using keyboard and shortcuts to save time. Swift To-Do List also has global hotkey to activate or hide it and global hotkey to add a new task.
  • Easy fast installation that doesn't require admin privileges. You can install Swift To-Do List even if your Windows user account doesn't have administrator privileges. This makes it perfect for installing it at your day job - you don't need to ask anyone for a permission. Just install it under your user account even without the admin rights.
  • And much, much more! This list of features is not by any means complete. Download the free trial today for the full Swift To-Do List experience.

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