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SmartSleep is a powerful shutdown utility and shutdown scheduler. It's simply designed for shutting down computer at a specified time. You can also schedule these tasks, so it can turn off your PC every Sunday at 18:00 and so on. However, SmartSleep can do way more than that!

When we were kids, our parents would always yell at us for leaving the television on when no one was in the room watching it. Now that we're older, we've learned about energy conservation and we turn off the tube when we leave the room.

So why is it, then, that so many of us don't do the same thing with our computers? Is it because we think we're going to use it later, and then end up falling asleep in bed? Is it because it's too much trouble waiting for applications to close before (finally) the PC shuts down? Or is it because we just don't have a copy of SmartSleep, a versatile and powerful shutdown scheduler?

SmartSleep is indeed a smart utility, allowing you to shut down, hibernate, reboot, and execute programs on a 24/7 schedule. That means you can have "SmartSleep" automatically shut down your computer at a different hour on weekends than on weekdays!

You can program SmartSleep to launch when you boot your machine, and it will quietly retreat to the system tray until called for. The app will shut down or hibernate your computer at a designated time, or after a certain period has elapsed.

SmartSleep will get the job done even if applications aren't responding - it forces all apps to quit and then safely turns off your machine.

The possibilities are endless with SmartSleep. You can listen to music as you drift off into dreamland, and SmartSleep will gradually fade the volume right before shutting down. No more babysitting big downloads that are estimated to take hours - set the SmartSleep application to shut the PC down while you're at work during the day, or asleep at night! You can even schedule your PC to reboot itself periodically!

Key Features

  • Supports: Shutdown, log off, reboot, hibernate, suspend, execute file, black screen, display message
  • Slow decrease of sound volume before shutdown - listen to music at evening
  • Timer with relative (12 minutes from now) and absolute (12:15:00) time setup
  • Powerful scheduling, operations can be performed at specific days of the week
  • Atomic clock synchronization
  • Display black screen while waiting for shutdown - save life of your monitor
  • Shutdown forcing - your PC will be shut down ALWAYS!
  • Confirmation window with custom time out, no accidents!
  • SmartSleep can be launched every time when your PC boots up
  • Minimizing to SystemTray
  • System Requirements: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 (x32/x64)
  • ... and more!
SmartSleep 3.62 is available for $19.95, you can download it as a full version For Free here:

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