RomCenter 3.59


A tool designed to be a rom manager that audits all your roms for any game system

RomCenter is a handy, easy to use rom manager. It audits all your roms for any game system, reports working, incomplete or missing games and fixes what can be fixed.

If you already tried to install an emulator, you know that the main problem comes from the roms. They have to be correctly dumped, their names must match those required by the emulator and they need to be complete.

RomCenter is a rom manager. It takes care of your roms, audits and fixes them to get perfect games files to play with your emulators. More than 60000 games can be fixed. All consoles, arcade, computers and handheld are available.

RomCenter features internal relational database, powerfull repair engine, zip support, advanced filtering support, miss/have report, multiple roms directories, fast rom scanner, professional interface and much more.

Databases files (called datafiles) widely available for all games systems including arcade (coin-op, pinball), computers (amiga, atari 800/2600/5200/7800/ST, amstrad, apple 2/gs, commodore 16/20/64/128, adam, dragon, msx, oric, sharp, thmson, ti, spectrum...), consoles (lynx, game gear, gameboy color/advance, intelivision, jaguar, nintendo 64, neogeo, neogeo pocket, nes/famicon, snes/super famicon, pc engine, sega genesis/megadrive/master system/32X, vectrex...).
What's New in This Release:

· Fix sample handler for mame >0.145 (support wav, flac and ape)
· Fix some errors during samples operations
· Fix some corrupted files not in sync with bd after fixing
· Prepare code for 7zip support
· Add chd v5 support
· Update old logiqx dat cps1 and cps2 (based on mame 0.145u4)
· Add new generic dat cps3 and neogeo (based on mame 0.145u4)
· Update 80 datafiles from tosec/no-intro

Program Information
 Developer: RomCenter.com
Price and Added Date
Freeware .25-03-2012
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