Psi+ 0.15.5268


A powerful and capable Jabber client

Psi+ is a comprehensive and reliable Jabber client that provides users with the ability to add contacts, start converstations and more.

The interface is very ICQ-like. Alerts appear in the contact list when events are received, and things like subscriptions requests appear as "system messages" (ICQ users know these well). Even "Chats" are queued in the contact list. Also, chats are "remembered" by default, so that you don't have to keep a bunch of windows open for each person. Just close the chat window. If you open it again it will all be there.

Psi is minimal but powerful. There are keybindings for just about everything, Unicode is supported throughout, and contacts are cached offline. Security is also a major consideration, and Psi provides it for both client-to-server (SSL) and client-to-client (GnuPG).
What's New in This Release:

· [upstream commit] psi: use static_cast instead of dynamic_cast in contactlistproxymodel
· src/contactlistproxymodel.cpp)
· use (jid) instead of in dbus popups (psiplus-new-popups.diff)
· added new patch for spell checking for multiple languages at once. based on patch from here
· http://forum.psi-plus.com/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=94 . only basic functionality. for check uses all
· available languages in the system. use 'options.ui.spell-check.langs' to specify langs
· no commas, just through space) [psi-multilang-spelling-for-aspell.diff]
· added new patch for fix a bug due to which the search in the roster used by the contact
· resource. contact is duplicated in group 'Not in list'. for example, in the relevant plugins
· that use the urls (psi-chat-not-in-list-fix.diff)
· fixed psiplus-new-popups.diff patch
· added new patch for deny spellcheck of digits
· http://code.google.com/p/psi-dev/issues/detail?id=396 ) [psi-dont-spellcheck-digits.diff]
· added new patch for fix grepshorcutkeydlg. fixed memory leak. now

Program Information
 Developer: The Psi Team
Price and Added Date
GPL / $0.26-03-2012
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