LignUp Multi Collector 2.7 incl Registration Key for free Legally (24 Hours)

If Harry Potter was fond of collecting, he would certainly prefer to trade the magic wand for the LineUp Multi Collector. Why? Because the multipurpose collector opens amazing facilities, which you can completely acquire just in a half an hour. That's a real Magic — a perfect victory of order over chaos!

With the LineUp Multi Collector lots of separate elements become a genuine treasure — an ordered harmonious collection. Each item keeps its own place in right category. You can easily assort the collection as you like, add random sections and keep all necessary information about items in database.

The LineUp Multi Collector provides data export to many popular file formats (PDF, Excel CSV, HTML), so you can proudly present your collection to anyone. A couple of clicks turns the database into a full-fledged site — a system of linked web-pages. Demonstrate your progress to everybody you want and share information with other collectors!

List of features
  • Customizable fields and categories;
  • Auto completers;
  • Online search on Google, eBay, Amazon;
  • Capturing from camera;
  • Internal image editor for cropping and image quality adjustment;
  • Automatic backup and backup management;
  • Export to various formats, including PDF and HTML;
  • Smart filters wit ability to construct complex formulas;
  • Many predefined collectibles;
  • Custom collectibles;
  • Database statistic;
  • Database manager for handling many types of collectibles;
  • Easy to use, modern, intuitive interface;
  • Fast support turnaround;
  • Search, Sorting and arranging by fields and categories;
  • Items preview;
  • Thumbs and Table views;
  • Customizable skins and layouts;
  • Import and export CSV (Excel);
  • Password protection;
  • Preset for new items;
  • Autosave and check for updates capabilities;
  • Save last window layout, position, size and style;
  • Print items and reports;
  • Predefined fields for complete items information with images;
  • Visual template editor.
  • System Requirements: Windows XP/ Vista/ 7
LignUp Multi Collector 2.7 is available for $29.95, you can download LignUp Multi Collector 2.7 incl Registration Key for free Legally (24 Hours offers) here:
Unzip the package you`ve downloaded and install the software. Chose "Help">"Register" in the upper right corner then register the software using the registration key provided.

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