Download Kerio VPN Client 6.71

With Kerio VPN Client you can connect to a remote private network through an secured and encrypted channel. Connect from your personal computer at home through Internet like you are physically connected with private network that you wish to access. Kerio VPN Client connects with VPN sever that is set up in Kerio WINRoute Firewall and this gives high security level. You will have an user account and every time you wish to log in you will need to authenticate.

Kerio VPN Client is an easy to use application with most of the functions automated and set up without users need to interfere. You will need only IP or DNS of server that you want to access and username and password for authentication.

In case that connection is interupted and broken for some reason Kerio VPN Client will automatically restore connection and continue to work with no problems.

Kerio VPN Client supports user profiles. Each user of a host where Kerio VPN Client is installed can use a personal VPN connection.

Download Kerio VPN Client 6.71

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