IDRMyImage 2.0


A handy tool that can improve the dynamic range of your photos.

Sometimes it is imposible to take a clear shot, where are no over-iluminated and under-ilumimated parts. There is an easy solution. Take several shots with different exposure times and fuse them together using IDRMyImage.

IDRMyImage is an easy to use application that can significantly improve the dynamic range of your photos.
Here are some key features of "IDRMyImage":

· comfortable viewer
· image moving using drag&drop or arrows
· image scaling using mousewheel, NUM+- or toolbar buttons
· easy switching original/IDR image using right mouse button
· superfast preview mode for tuning IDR parameters

· Save is disabled
What's New in This Release:

· The application has a pretty new user interface and the algorithms were speeded up significantly.

Program Information
 Developer: Filip Krolupper
Price and Added Date
Demo / EUR 14.99.29-03-2012
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