The AppSumo Lean SX Bundle 2012 for $99 - 98% off (Normally $7,880)

Appsumo ran the first lean startup bundles last year, and I bought it just before the deal ended. There were three reasons why the purchase was justifiable.

First, I got to give a present to the guy that developed Zapreneur, and my nephew who designs t-shirts.

Second, as a newbie I got to experiment with a range of products. Pivotal Tracker proved exceptionally interesting, as it introduced me to agile methodologies before I had read anything about it. With each service I learned a little more.

Third, it introduced me to lean start-up methodologies. I devoured the e-books by Sean Ellis, Andrew Chen, Ash and the compilation by venture hacks . Later on I received a hardback copy of The Lean Startup via post in South Africa, which was an excellent read. (Incidentally, it costs about $50-00 to post to South Africa, so I was impressed that this part of the deal was honoured.)

As a learning experience, the $99-00 was invaluable to me. More technically savvy friends shrugged their shoulders and send but there are free options, hinting that I could have spent my money better.

Overall, I was really happy with the purchase and feel that I got my money’s worth. A year later and a little bit wiser, my needs have changed. The question is : Can I apply the bundle directly to my startups ? What a wonderful question that I am grappling with. Yes, I was once a wantrepreneur.

- Courtesy of EISHAPP.COM

The 2012 Lean Bundle

Jump start your business today with this bundle of Lean goodness:
  1. Batchbook: 6 months of the Indigo plan
  2. Chargify: $99 credit
  3. Clientbiller: 1 year of any package
  4. Crazy Egg: Lifetime account for one page
  5. FileSquare: 3 months of service
  6. Geckoboard: 3 months of any package
  7. HelloFax: 3 months of 50 pages/mo + unlimited doc signing & templates
  8. HipChat: 6 months of the Unlimited plan
  9. KISSmetrics: Lifetime account with 50,000 events/mo
  10. LaunchRock: $50 credit towards premium features
  11. LessAccounting: 3 months of the LA plan
  12. MediaLoot: 3 months of the professional plan
  13. New Relic: 6 months of the Standard package
  14. Olark: 4 months of the "Lost Silver Plan"
  15. Pandaform: 3 months of any plan + 70% off the following 3 months
  16. PeepCode: One PeepCode screencast of your choice
  17. Sanebox: 3 months of Sanebox service.
  18. Sauce Labs: $150 of automated testing
  19. SendGrid: 6 months of the Silver plan
  20. Server Density: 1 year of server monitoring
  21. Sticker Mule: 20% off your sticker order
  22. Sucuri: $50 off the Premium plan
  23. Trada: $500 marketplace credit
  24. Twilio: $30 Developer credit + $50 extra when you upgrade to a full account
  25. UserVoice: 3 months of any package
  26. Venture Hacks: PDF edition of the Venture Hacks Bible
  27. WhatRunsWhere: 1 month of the Advertising Awareness Package
  28. WP Engine: 6 months of the Personal hosting plan
  29. Zencoder: $50 in credit towards encoding

What You Get

  • Over $7500 of premium products from top companies
  • Buy one bundle and get two free to give to friends or teammates
  • Join the Lean Challenge 2012 and win over $50k in prizes, mentoring, & more

Great deal on The AppSumo Lean SX Bundle 2012 for $99  - 98% off (Normally $7,880) Today Now !! 

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