GetGo Download Manager


An application that will increase the speed of your downloads.

GetGo Download Manager is a tool that you can use to download information from the online environment. Its abilities are best seen when handling large amounts of information.

The user interface of the software is familiar, so you can easily find your way through it.

In the "Downloads" panel you can view downloading, queued, failed, stopped, pending, scheduled, completed tasks, categories and history.

Plus, you can check out information about a specific task in the "Properties" panel (e.g. percent completed, output directory, category, priority, time start, remaining and elapsed), while you can get a preview on the specific file.

You can start a new downloading task by inputting the URL, file name and output destination, along with the download behavior (start manually, immediately, scheduled). But you can also select a category, priority, split number, comment, as well as input user login information.

The same method also applies to batch downloads and leech downloads. Also, you can import/export URLs and change the interface theme. In the "Options" menu, you can configure the application and download behavior, URL integration, connection and proxy/firewall settings, categories, scheduler, passwords, sounds, and more.

GetGo Download Manager uses a small amount of system resources, comes with a comprehensive online help file and manages to complete a downloading task faster than other similar tools (at least when it comes to large files - e.g. 1.44GB in roughly 18 minutes).

All in all, this software is a great download manager and we strongly recommend it to all users. We haven't come across any problems during our tests. 

Program Information
 Developer: GetGo Software
Price and Added Date
Ad-supported / $0.26-03-2012
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