O&O Defrag 12 Professional Edition For Free Full Version

O&O Defrag 12 is a comprehensive and highly configurable tool for optimising the layout of files on your hard drive.

You could simply install the program, and forget it. O&O Defrag will reorganise your files to deliver the best hard drive performance, and then run in the background, automatically detecting new fragmented files and defragging them as soon as possible, preventing any further degradation of your PCs speed. (And no, that shouldn't interfere with other programs - in our tests O&O Defrag proved very light on system resources.)

If you like to take a more hands-on approach, though, it's also possible to create your own custom hard drive layout rules. Move unwanted files and file types over here... High priority documents over there... Leave particular system files in that corner... It takes some thought, but if you're an experienced Windows user then there's no reason why you can't enhance O&O Defrag 12 to squeeze even more speed out of your system.

And however you intend to use the program, you'll appreciate design details like the clear, easy-to-use interface; the excellent defrag scheduler; the Explorer integration (defrag any file or folder from a right-click option); the notebook support (defrags are optionally disabled when you're running on battery power); and the ability to run defrags before Windows loads, allowing the program to defragment system files that would otherwise be locked.

If there's a down side here, it's that the first defrag you run can be relatively slow. But if so, that's probably because O&O Defrag is optimising the layout of files on your hard drive. Once that is done, though, your PCs performance should improve, and as the hard work has been done, subsequent defrags will be much, much faster - just a few minutes in our tests.

Review by Mike Williams.

Get O&O Defrag 12 Professional Edition For Free Full Version.

*This is for UK only, how to get for you ?? see/read the comments below!! :)

the serial code: DPN1-0KKN-M298-LA4X-2QAF

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