Get myVault For Free Serial Key (worth $38.00 - 24 Hours Offer)

Got sensitive documents or images that need protecting? Do you also need to make sure that the aforementioned documents and images stay organized to your specific needs?

myVault does exactly that! In a nutshell, it's the digital equivalent of a filing cabinet and safe combined into a single, intuitive utility. Think of it as a TODO program in reverse -- a place to keep details of the past, not the future. A place to securely archive anything and everything!

myVault makes it simple to store information and documents -- encrypted or not -- and to easily find, view, and edit them. It's ideal for storing photos, images, passwords, serial numbers, eBooks, receipts.

My Vault Storage (My Vault®) is designed for the secure storage of select important private documents for future retrieval. The My Vault® www.myvaultstorage.com website can serve as your online safety deposit box for electronic information and digital asset management, allowing you a safe and secure private online information storage vault. Information stored doesn't get shared, distributed, viewed, copied, or monitored by any third party within the bounds of the law.


  • Bank-Level Privacy Protection
  • Large File Size Limits
  • Remote & Mobile Access
  • Private Individual File Sharing
  • Instant Upload Back-end
  • Back-up
  • Drag Drop Functionality
  • Full File Search
  • Encrypted Storage
  • Enhanced Security Features
  • Access Control
  • Superb Customer Service
  • Password Protection
  • Month-to-Month Storage
  • No Long Term Contracts
  • Deep Security/ Folder
  • Level Deadbolt Security
  • Virus Hacker Protection
  • Cross Folder File
  • Organization Tagging
  • Easy Account Management
  • Shared Document Link
  • Expiration Management
  • Advanced Pin Number Access Control
  • Top-Tier Data Center and
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Common Sense Storage
  • and Security

Get myVault For Free (worth $38.00) here:
- http://www.bitsdujour.com/software/myvault/
- http://www.bitsdujour.com/ajax/buy.aspx?review=myvault (Coupon: vaulty-bits)

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