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Box ‘n’ Ball Quest looks like straightforward and relatively easy puzzle game where you have to get your green ball to the escape hatch in as few clicks as possible, picking up stars and a key to unlock the hatch door on your way. However the puzzles are not as easy as they first appear. The simple layouts give a false impression of difficulty. The developer has created some devious puzzles using lasers, movable and unmovable objects, doors that are activated by buttons and holes for the ball to fall down ; of course some of the objects such as boxes can be moved to lock lasers or block doors open etc, so don’t despair when you get stuck because there should be a solution; that said, I’m already stuck on level 2, lol. Check out the screenshots via the link below (in the images section).

In this game you have to play the green ball. He can be moved by clicking on it and other objects. Huge Lasers, dangerous spikes – all waiting to meet you. Click and run, hide and have a few second brake! Not so simple, but very addictive!

Key Features:
  • Cute green ballie
  • 20 incredibly addictive levels
  • Achievements and highscores
Get Free here:

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