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Barricade, also known as Malefiz, is inspired from the famous board game of type "pawn race" which is a turn based game. It is a simple game that can be played by the whole family, from parents to children. Barricade can be played alone against the computer or with 2, 3, 4 players..., depending on the game board. It can be played on the same machine, on the local network (LAN) or through the internet. With more than 2 players, it is even more distracting because of the temporary alliances than can be established and stopped during the game : no matter the method, you need to prevent the others from arriving to the final square before you ! A board editor is also available and you can share your creations from the boards catalog of the official site.



If it is simple, it is however captivating because it requires a good strategy : you need to make a smart balance between :
  • Blocking the enemies
  • Attacking the enemies
  • Protecting your pawns
  • Moves quickness
  • Grouping your pawns for a higher power
Registering the game with a license allows you to unblock the following features:
  • 23 additional boards + catalog's boards
  • Board editor
  • Network game
  • Save and reload a game
  • Team game (local machine or network)
  • 7 additional skins
  • 13 additional musics
Here is the detailed list of the differences between the registered version and the unregistered one.

System Requirments: Windows(XP, Vista, 7)Java (version 5 or higher)

Barricadeis available for $7.00, you can get  Barricade as a full version game here:

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