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We will never know what will happen with our computers. Difficult situations such as computer fails to boot, the system crashes in the load to failure, and other things can happen. If this condition occurs, then we need an antivirus rescue CD.

Rescue CD of various antivirus vendor is a bootable CD that you can use to scan the system, eradicate the virus, copy or delete files, create or delete partitions and various other functions. Everything you can do directly from a bootable rescue CD without booting Windows.

Almost all antivirus vendors providing antivirus rescue CD that can be downloaded free of charge. Following are the various antivirus rescue CD with the download link. Check this out !! :

1. Kaspersky Rescue Disk

Kaspersky is one of the popular antivirus has no doubt his ability. Kaspersky Rescue disk also contains the latest Kaspersky antivirus, so you can scan your computer fails during boot.
Newest Download for Kaspersky Rescue Disk

2.AVG Rescue Disk

Rescue CD created by AVG was created with the Linux platform and contains a variety of useful system tools such as Antivirus, Midnight Commander, Simpler, up to a variety of tools such as vi linux, openssh, ntfsprogs, etc..

Newest Download for AVG Rescue Disk

3. BitDefender Rescue Disk

BitDefender Rescue CD is quite unique. If you boot a rescue CD and connect to the internet, the virus definition of BitDefender Rescue Disk will be updated.

Newest download for BitDefender Rescue Disk

4. Avira Rescue Disk

Just like AVG Rescue Disk, Avira Rescue CD is made ​​also made with the Linux platform. Avira Rescue CD is available in two versions, ISO and EXE

Newest Download for Avira Rescue Disk:
Avira Rescue Disk ISO
Avira Rescue Disk EXE

5. F-Secure Rescue Disk

F-Secure Rescue CD is the same as a merger between BitDefender and AVG Rescue Disk Rescue Disk. Linux-based and has a virus definition update capability, F-Secure Rescue Disk to become a mainstay of the computer you are currently experiencing fails to boot.

Download for F-Secure Rescue Disk

6. VIPRE Rescue CD

VIPRE Rescue CD is a self-extracting executable file (. Exe) that you can "unpack" in the installation folder that you want. You can start using this rescue CD via the command line or via Windows.

Download for VIPRE Rescue CD

6. Panda SafeCD

Although it was named as SafeCD, Panda SafeCD well as other rescue CD. Panda SafeCD specifically designed to detect malware infection / virus and then clean it. Suitable for use if there is malware infection which so severe that makes your computer fails to boot.
Download for Panda SafeCD

7. Dr.Web LiveCD

Dr.Web LiveCD can be used to clean the Windows or Linux system which fails to boot because of malware. In addition, you can also copy and move the important files to another storage media which you want.

Newest Download for Dr.Web LiveCD
Link 2 for download Dr. Web LiveCD

Now you do not have to worry anymore if there is damage caused by malware that causes the system fails to boot. You can fix it or save your important data using free antivirus rescue CD above. Most of the antivirus rescue CD on a file. Iso that can be directly diburn on CD and ready for use.

If you have information about other free rescue CD, please inform via comment form. may be useful

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