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ExifCleaner is a handy batch utility that lets you to erase/remove Exif tags, geotags, IPTC, Adobe XMP, and other photographic metadata from JPEG pictures. This protects your privacy, helps you to hide unneeded, undesirable, or sometimes sensitive information — about the image, photographer, and location. Did you know that every digital photo produced with a modern camera or a smartphone contains it? Removing metadata saves disk space and server bandwidth, reduces download times — that is especially evident on small-sized, or on a large amount of images. Exif cleaner can also be useful for photo professionals, to strip out Exif data in photomontage works.

Product Page: http://www.superutils.com/products/exifcleaner/

Key Features
  • Selectively removes/deletes the JFIF & JFIF Extension segments, Adobe XMP, IPTC (including the whole Photoshop IRB), ICC profile, Adobe Photoshop APP12 Ducky, Adobe APP14 segment, FlashPix extensions, JPEG comments as well as Exif (including geotag data).
  • The program can work in a batch mode.
  • It can be integrated into the Windows Explorer shell for quick access to its major functions.
  • ExifCleaner doesn’t alter actual image data — all operations are lossless for a picture.
  • Previewing of Exif metadata before actual deletion. You can copy Exif strings to the clipboard.
  • The portable version of ExifCleaner is available.
  • It does not leave any unnecessary records, like some other image editors and converters do
  • Works on all NT-based operating systems, from Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP, up to Windows Vista and 7, including x64 editions.
Erasing of the metadata helps in several cases:

  • If you are concerned about privacy, delete sensitive info such as GPS data and date+time of taking a snap, from pictures being posted on the Web to not disclosure your personal information.
  • To save some disk space and server bandwidth — deleting the EXIF thumbnail and some other tags gives up to 100 KiB off a size per each file.
  • When you do photomontage and combine several pictures into one.
Main Face

The processing does not affect quality of an actual photo at all. "ExifCleaner" blazingly works with batches, can be integrated into the Explorer shell for quick access to its major functions, and compatible with all NT-based Microsoft’s systems, starting from Windows 2000 and XP, up to Vista, 7, and the recently released Windows 8 Consumer Preview (including 64-bit OS editions).

ExifCleaner 1.7 is available for $15.95, you can get ExifCleaner 1.7 Full Version For Free here:

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