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Saving Private Sheep
One of the truly great things about the AppStore model is the fact that it allows for small indie developers to truly shine. A few years ago, one such teams made an original Flash game based around safely transporting an object to the surface by destroying the supporting structures. Since then, the idea has found many implementations, e.g. Tiki Totems, Tumbledrop (TMA Review). Today we’ll take a look at another one – Saving Private Sheep by BulkyPix – a humorous reiteration of the same concept.

Saving Private Sheep is a puzzle game where you have to safely lower your sheep to the surface. A long time ago sheep and shepherds lived together in harmony and safety. But then war began and the shepherds were called to serve their country. Taking advantage of this wolves have started to encroach on the sheep’s territory and many of the fluffy family fell prey. Now only you can save you compatriots by making sure the sheep special forces descend safely into enemy territory!

Download Saving Private Sheep Pc Game

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