Download & Get advanced retargeting with AdRoll worth $120

With over 3,000 active customers (and growing!) AdRoll has the largest customer base of any retargeting platform. Retargeting is the best way to increase your online conversions. Place a pixel on your site, and AdRoll will serve targeted ads to people who leave your site without converting, whether that's a purchase, sign up, or download.

Retargeting keeps your brand top of mind, and gets people back to your site to finish what they started. AdRoll has the most sophisticated platform available for executing this form of high ROI online advertising:

  • Coordinated reach across the largest inventory of ad servers including Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and 30+ other sources. Better reach gives you better ROI.
  • SmartPixel technology creates audience segments based on where people go on your site, all from a single pixel! Leave your web guys alone and create segments from AdRoll's interface.
  • Transparent reporting shows you performance for each ad down to the site it ran on.
  • Advanced algorithms AND human support. AdRoll's algorithms automatically improve performance and prioritize ads that get better response. Wield this powerful technology with the support of experienced Account Managers.

What you need to be compatible for AdRoll:

  • 1000 unique monthly visitors, to ensure there's enough people to retarget.
  • Display ads. Check our creative guidelines. AdRoll can build ads for a small fee, just send an email to creative@adroll.com.
  • No affiliate marketers. You must work at the company you're advertising, or their agency.
  • No scammy stuff or offensive material. It you're not sure, that's a bad sign, but you can read the full guidelines to make sure.
What You Get
  • Free set up and $120 worth of retargeting ads
  • Ads served to people who leave your site without converting

This offer avaliable for 17 days, so you can Get advanced retargeting with AdRoll worth $120 for free of charge here.

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