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MASS LUMINOSITY've launched an open beta test for our new social media platform called Gaming Tribe! MASS LUMINOSITY expect over 10,000 people to join the Gaming Tribe Beta during the first 24 hours, and therefore be part of their upcoming massive giveaways.

When you visit the Mass Luminosity web page at http://www.massluminosity.com you will now see an option to "Login to Gaming Tribe (Beta)" on the right top corner of the page. If you do not have a Mass Luminosity account you can create a new account or use the same credentials as for your Mass Luminosity account.

Once you access the account you can:

1. Edit your profile information. Make sure the information is accurate as MASS LUMINOSITY will notify you of any prizes you may win in the future only to the contact information on that page, or ship prizes only to the exact address as it appears on the profile.

2. You can select what type of giveaways you are interested in Them notifying you about. MASS LUMINOSITY have not fully implemented this feature on their messaging system, but soon it will exclude you from receiving giveaway notification on networks that you are not interested in.

3. You can upload a small profile photo. If you have a Mass Luminosity t-shirt They encourage you to wear it for the photo. MASS LUMINOSITY have optimized photo upload speeds; therefore, the upload should be quite fast.

4. The Message Center will be your new communication network with them and other Mass Luminosity members. Initially the Message Center will only contain messages from them (that can also be forwarded to your email address), but soon it will be open to sending and receiving messages from all of the members of Gaming Tribe.

5. Giveaway History tracks all of the giveaways you have entered commencing with Their last two giveaways (25K and AMD Radeon HD). MASS LUMINOSITY will award special prizes for those members that enter all of their giveaways, so participation can now also yield rewards.

6. Gaming Tribe will be an automatic entry point for all of the giveaways They will be hosting in the next few weeks.

MUCH MORE is coming soon. Thank you for helping them fuel the next revolution in gaming.

Gaming Tribe: http://www.massluminosity.com/
Mass Luminosity: http://www.gamingtribe.com/

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